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Access and Engagement

As identified in the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s 2023-2028 strategic plan, we are committed to our goals of strengthening partnerships to engage communities; promoting quality interprofessional education; growing research, innovation, and entrepreneurship; expanding quality care across Tennessee; and creating an environment of success for all.

These foundational yet aspirational goals of UT Health Science Center require us to:

  • focus on campus-college partnerships
  • coordinate efforts for recruitment, engagement, and retention of students and employees
  • renew our emphasis on philanthropy
  • reimagine our approach to access and engagement that engages and benefits everyone

The following principles guide UT Health Science Center’s Access and Engagement initiatives:

  1. Access and Engagement is a shared responsibility of everyone at UT Health Science Center.
  2. Data, service, and responsibility silos are barriers to impact.
  3. The resources to drive access and engagement already exist at UT Health Science Center.
  4. UT Health Science Center can be a state-wide driver of economic opportunity and education access for all.

Our Goals

Broad goals of our Access and Engagement initiatives include:

  • Increase Access and Representation
  • Enhance Retention and Success
  • Strengthen Alumni and Community Partnerships
  • Foster a Welcoming, Engaging, and Inclusive Experience
  • Expand Financial Support
  • Promote Collaborations across UT Health Science Center and across other UT Institutions
  • Provide Useful Resources and Tools
  • Build Institutional Competencies and Capacity


Central campus units who would collaborate with colleagues in our colleges, academic programs, and administrative units to support our access and engagement efforts include:

  1. Across all Areas:
  2. For specific Areas: 


Domains for coordination of efforts for access and engagement initiatives for students and employees (faculty and staff):

  1. Recruitment and Pathways. We are ALL recruiters for UT Health Science Center.
  2. Onboarding. All are WELCOME at UT Health Science Center.
  3. Inclusion and Belonging. Everyone has a PLACE at UT Health Science Center.
  4. Success for All. Each of us can FLOURISH at UT Health Science Center.
  5. Recognition. Our contributions will be ACKNOWLEDGED at UT Health Science Center.
Jan 8, 2024