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International Students

All applicants, including international applicants, are expected to utilize the application procedures designated for their particular program of interest. However, international applicants must complete the following additional requirements:

You must contact ETS to have your official TOEFL scores released to UTHSC. Once you do, ETS electronically sends your scores directly to UTHSC. Paper copies are not accepted. 

To submit your official TOEFL scores to UTHSC, go to and request your scores be sent to UTHSC using code #1850. It takes approximately 10-12 business days from the date you make the request to post to your application. 

Make sure that the name and date of birth on your application match that on your TOEFL exam; otherwise, your scores will not automatically post to your account. If you believe there may be a discrepancy, wait until ETS processes the scores, then contact customer service so they can manually connect the scores to your application. 

  • Applicants may access the official website for the TOEFL test at: Minimum scores for consideration are:
    • Paper-based Exam: 550
    • Computer-based Exam: 213
    • Internet-based Exam[3]: 79/80
      • The College of Graduate Health Sciences requires an Internet-Based exam TOEFL score of 79. While the College of Nursing requires an Internet-Based exam TOEFL score of 80.
  • Official transcripts from the applicant’s native country must be evaluated by one of the following agencies and submitted with the application materials through the programs application services:

Educational Credit Evaluators (ECE)
PO Box 92970
Milwaukee, WI 53202

World Education Services (WES)
PO Box 745, Old Chelsea Station
New York, NY 10113
1.800.937.3895 or 305.358.6688 or 212.966.6395

The UTHSC- Office of Admissions will also accept credentials evaluated by National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) members. For more information about NACES membership, visit

Additional Information

Concurrent Application to Multiple Programs Not Allowed
An individual may have only one (1) active application in process per admission cycle. That is, applicants may apply to only one (1) UTHSC college or program until a final administrative decision (e.g., accept, deny, final alternate, or withdraw) has been made regarding that application.
Dual Degree Programs

Dual degree programs represent the only exception to the one-active-application policy. Four UTHSC colleges host dual-degree programs.

  • Dentistry [DDS/PhD]
  • Medicine [MD/PhD]
  • Nursing [DNP/PhD]
  • Pharmacy [PharmD/PhD]

To be considered for a dual degree, an applicant must first be accepted into a professional doctorate program, including DDS, MD, DNP, or PharmD. Once accepted, the applicant should contact the program director of the program to which he or she has been accepted. After discussing the possibilities with the college's program director, the applicant may complete a separate application for entry into the dual degree program.

Note: Applicants must meet the admission requirements for both colleges and be accepted by both colleges and begin studies as a dual degree student.

Advanced Standing
Students with advanced standing at another accredited program seeking admission to the UTHSC are expected to follow the same application and admission guidelines listed above. Additionally, such applicants must present a statement of good standing and recommendation from the Dean or other appropriate administrative officer from the institution previously attended. Students are encouraged to speak to an administrator in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs within the college he or she is considering applying to prior to submitting an application.
Non-Degree Student

Some opportunities for qualified individuals to take courses as non-degree students are available through the College of Graduate Health Sciences and the College of Nursing. These opportunities are for individuals who are not currently seeking admission to a degree program. Please contact the colleges directly regarding the possibility of taking courses for credit as a non-degree student.

To complete a non-degree application, please visit the Registrar.

Note: The application must be completed and submitted six weeks prior to enrollment.

As a part of our mission, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center gives preference to applicants who reside in Tennessee. Nevertheless, all UTHSC academic programs are open to applicants who reside outside Tennessee. Applicants who are not residents of Tennessee, who wish to discuss their residency status, may contact the UTHSC Office of Admissions, Director of Admissions.

Policies regarding residency classification can be found online.
Enrollment Deposit Policy
At the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, there is a $200 [non-refundable] enrollment deposit for some accepted students in the College of Health Professions, some accepted students in the College of Nursing, and for accepted students in the Dental Hygiene programs in the College of Dentistry. Exceptions exist for accepted Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Dentistry (DDS), Physician Assistant, Nurse Anesthesia, Graduate Health Sciences, and Medicine students. The Pharmacy and Physical Therapy students must pay an enrollment deposit of $500 [non-refundable]. The Dentistry (DDS) and Physician Assistant students must pay an enrollment deposit of $1,000 [non-refundable] and Nurse Anesthesia students must pay an enrollment deposit of $1,500 [non-refundable]. The Graduate Health Sciences and Medicine students do not have to pay an enrollment deposit.
The UTHSC receives many more applications from highly qualified applicants than we are able to admit each year. If you wish to apply to any UTHSC for the next academic year, you must submit a new application and new supporting documents.
Deferred Enrollment
If you are accepted for admission, you may be able to defer program enrollment for one (1) year, with a guaranteed position in the program for the next academic year, assuming that you are able to provide an acceptable reason to the College for the deferment. Potentially acceptable reasons for deferment might include inability to pay, medical, military, personal or family obligations. To be considered for a deferment, you must submit in writing a formal statement to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs on or before July 1 or before program orientation date, whichever is earlier.
May 26, 2022