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Office of Scientific Writing

The Office of Scientific Writing (OSW) assists faculty, fellows, and students with improving the writing quality of grant proposals and scientific manuscripts for publication to increase success of funding requests and accelerate dissemination of scientific knowledge.

The Office supports the research faculty, postdoctoral fellows and students at our Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville campuses in writing successful research grants and scientific manuscripts.

 We work with investigators to sharpen the language of the proposal or manuscript so that the science and specific research aims are explained in a compelling manner that is highly readable. We provide simple copy editing, checking the proposal or manuscript for typos, missing words, grammar, etc.  The scientific content or terminology of manuscripts will only be revised if this effort is specifically requested.

See our FAQs webpage for more details about OSW services or, to get started, fill out a request form and provide a complete first draft of your document.


Scientific Writing

We provide assistance with the scientific content of your manuscript or the project narrative (project description) of your grant proposal (clarity, concision, terminology, persuasion, strength).

Check the Scientific Writing box at the bottom of this request form.

Copy Editing

We provide assistance with basic copy editing of your manuscript or the project narrative (project description) of your grant proposal (grammar, sentence structure, non-native English). 

Check the Copy Editing box at the bottom of this request form

Grant Consulting

We provide assistance with the Abstract, Specific Aims, Research Strategy, or any text-intensive section of your proposal.

For help with grant budgeting or a budget justification, please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs.


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Last Published: Jan 15, 2020