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The Office of Scientific Writing (OSW) was established in 2017 by Dr. Steve Goodman, Vice Chancellor for Research. The OSW was created to provide services to UTHSC investigators to facilitate the submission and success of extramural funding proposals and scientific manuscripts for publication.

Too often, the editing and revision of documents are relegated to last-minute activity immediately before submission. While the writing composition of these documents in itself does not usually form the basis for rejection, an unedited document may be less persuasive in an increasingly competitive environment and may result in delayed publication or a lower application score. 

The Office of Scientific Writing (OSW) assists UTHSC investigators in writing successful extramural funding proposals and scientific manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals or edited volumes. The Scientific Writers work with investigators to sharpen the language of the proposal or manuscript such that the science and specific aims of the research are presented in a clear and compelling manner that is highly readable. There is no cost for OSW services.

Patti Smith, MPH, is a Scientific Writer for the Office of Scientific Writing and Center for Health System Improvement.  She has extensive writing experience as a former journalist (including a BA in the field and 2 years at the Commercial Appeal) and has also served as Director of Communication for a local non-profit. Her background in public and population health (MPH) is especially suited to the clinical, patient-centered side of the biomedical research spectrum, or T3-T4 research. She has a particular expertise in NIH bio sketches and can provide suggestions to enhance their precision and impact. 

If you are a new investigator, we encourage you to meet with Ms. Smith about your proposal. If is often helpful for us to have an understanding of the larger career context of your submission.

Last Published: Sep 28, 2020