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About IBC

The UTHSC IBC is composed of faculty and a minimum of two community members. The faculty members have expertise in the use of the biological materials currently on this campus. The IBC community members are present to represent the community interest in protecting the environment of our university. The role of the IBC has expanded over time, and the committee reviews rDNA research and other forms of research that entail biohazardous risks.

If you have expertise in biosafety, rDNA or infectious agents and would like to serve on the IBC, please contact the UTHSC IBC office.

Do I need IBC approval for my rDNA studies if I have funding from another agency other than the NIH?

Yes. NIH policies require that all work carried on at an institution that receives any NIH funding must be approved by the IBC. If you do not apply for and receive approval, then the NIH funding of all investigators on our campus may be withheld.

How do I register my research involving rDNA?

Step by step instructions to register for IBC approval to conduct rDNA research are available on the Steps to Submit IBC Protocols webpage.

May 26, 2022