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Office of Research Compliance

The Office of Research Compliance provides centralized administration and serves as the primary point of contact for research compliance related issues. As such, the function of this office is to provide an interface between faculty staff and students; and campus compliance committees. It fosters and safeguards the institution's culture of compliance. This office:

  • Offers consultation during protocol preparation;
  • Pre-reviews protocols, consent forms, and other compliance-related documents; identifies where modifications need to be made and assists responsible parties in making those modifications before approval is sought from appropriate compliance entities.
  • Prepares documents necessary to maintain accreditations and assurances if already obtained and secures assurances and accreditations when needed;
  • Facilitates conflict resolution of compliance related issues;
  • Offers and coordinates research compliance related education and training; and
  • Conducts post-approval monitoring to ensure that approved procedures, agreements and arrangements are being conducted appropriately.

Regardless of whether you are new to research at UTHSC or have been engaged in it for some time, the Research Compliance Checklist serves to guide investigators in completing research compliance and safety training requirements for different activities. Please take a moment to complete the checklist. Note those forms and safety training requirements that must be completed. Also note the activities that must take place before beginning research projects at UTHSC. This checklist provides a reminder of documentation safety training needed by research compliance committees and offices.


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