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Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

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The Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences offers PhD degrees through the College of Graduate Health Sciences. The four areas of specialization are Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, Bioanalysis, and Pharmacometrics.

Graduates of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences are prepared to assume positions of responsibility in academia, government, pharmaceutical industry, and other health-related organizations and institutions. The nature and variety of research projects available to students reflect the stimulating and dynamic environment of the health science center.

PhD Specialization Areas

Pharmacy PhD student in a laboratory setting.

Medicinal Chemistry

Medicinal chemistry research includes the design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of new medications with potential use in treating diseases such as cancer or infections and disorders of the endocrine, cardiovascular, central, and peripheral nervous systems.

Pharmacy PhD student in a laboratory setting.


Bioanalysis research includes the development and application of state-of-the-art analytical technology to detect and quantify molecular entities of biological and pharmaceutical interest, such as drugs or biomarkers.

Pharmacy PhD student in a laboratory setting.


Pharmaceutics research includes the design, development and evaluation of drug delivery systems, injectables, and biotechnology drugs, including their production.

Pharmacy PhD student works on Pharmacometrics.


Pharmacometrics research includes the quantitative assessment of drug disposition (pharmacokinetics) and effects (pharmacodynamics) using mathematical models based on biology, physiology, pharmacology and disease.

Department News and Events

Mar 21, 2024