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Workplace Certificate Program

"Supporting an environment rich in diverse perspectives, cultures, beliefs and experiences allows us to foster a more thoughtful and welcoming community and strengthen our ability to work cooperatively toward our core mission."

- Joe DiPietro, former University of Tennessee president


Dr. Peter Buckley

Peter F. Buckley, MD
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center


 Dr. Michael Alston

Michael Alston, EdD, CCDP/AP
Associate Vice Chancellor and Title IX Coordinator
The University of Tennessee Health Science Center


About the Program

The Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity is excited to announce the Workplace Certificate Program (WCP) at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC). Increasingly, inclusion, civility, and diversity in the workplace encourage a focus on culture and are strategic business drivers that directly impact organizational climate, effectiveness, and reputation. Investing in UTHSC's workplace is paramount to improving employee engagement, serving students more effectively, increasing institutional innovation, preparing more knowledgeable healthcare professionals, and growing external relationships in the marketplace. 

The program will demonstrate that inclusion, civility, and diversity enable our organization's broader range of perspectives and backgrounds, leading to more effective decision-making. Participants will gain a sound of understanding of the latest research and best practices relevant to the workforce, workplace, and marketplace because we posit organizational culture starts with professional development. 

This Workplace Certificate Program (WCP) Level II offers a voluntary learning opportunity for faculty, staff, trainees, and students. It aligns with UTHSC's strategic plan in which diverse perspectives are encouraged, valued, and respected. 

Workplace certificate program

Fall 2023

Diversity Certificate Program

Applications for the Fall 2023 Cohort are closed

Workplace Certificate Program

The Workplace Certificate Program was designed to allow participants to explore their beliefs, values, attitudes, expectations, identities, and behavior and connect those to the foundational concepts of inclusion, civility, and diversity. Participants will attend eleven (11) in-person sessions that include seven (7) core courses and four (4) elective courses with completion of one (1) simulation. All even (11) sessions are required to receive the certificate. Please view the curriculum and schedule below for more details. 

To qualify for the certificate signed by the Chancellor, participants must complete the six core courses with a 75% or higher score. These quizzes will be administered during the program via Microsoft Teams. 

Upon acceptance into the program, more information about electives and enrollment will be provided. 


Participants in the program can expect to:

  • Explore their beliefs, values, attitudes, expectations, background, identities, and behavior. 
  • Develop critical competencies relevant to a wide variety of disciplines.
  • Deepen their understanding of historical and institutionalized policies that continue to impact inequities for diverse and marginalized populations.
  • Learn strategies for recognizing cognitive bias and supporting a positive organizational culture.

Developing a more knowledgeable workforce by enhancing staff competencies and behavior in the workplace creates a positive organizational culture. 


Specific objectives:

  • Understanding foundational how organizational culture is defined by inclusion, civility, and diversity. 
  • Connect the impact of attitudes, expectations, and beliefs vital to organizational goals to identify critical gaps that impact overall effectiveness. 
  • Help create a culture that values difference and celebrates a global outlook in understanding the mixture of differences and similarities and related tensions and complexities. 
  • Considerations and tools for fostering positive human relations while meeting organizational objectives. 
  • Professional development. 
  • Contribute to the University community by addressing the value of a positive organizational culture.  

The curriculum explores foundational concepts essential to enhancing an organizational culture that supports an inclusive work environment through lectures, experiential activities, and independent learning activites. 

The six-week certificate program’s curriculum builds knowledge, understanding, and application methodologies to address dynamics within a workplace like UTHSC, an academic health science center. Those who pursue this certificate will learn more about ways to assist and improve their ability to contribute to a positive work culture through inclusive behaviors. 

To qualify for the Workplace Certificate Level II, participants must complete seven (7) required courses. Additionally, participants must participate in four (4) elective courses to complete and participate in experiential learning activities. Overall, participants must attend eleven (11) in-person sessions that include seven (7) core courses and four (4) elective courses. To qualify for the certificate signed by the Chancellor, participants must complete the seven core course quizzes with a 75% or higher score. These quizzes will be administered during the program via Microsoft Teams. 

  Course Name Course Type Units
1 Accommodations 101 Required 1.5
2 What's Law Got to Do with It?  Required 1.5
3 Conflict Resolution  Required 1.5
4 Leading with Civility in the Workplace  Required 1.5
5 CREATE: Strategies for Practicing Cultural Humility Required 1.5
6 Safe Zones: What Do We Know  Required 1.5
7 Inclusive Languages Required  1.5
Total 7 Required Courses    

Elective Courses (A minimum of four required with one simulation.)

Course name Course Type Units
Complaints: Informal and Formal  Elective 1.15
Sexual Misconduct 360  Elective 1.15
Bystander Intervention  Elective 1.15
Inclusion, Civility, and Diversity: What We Know  Elective 1.15
Cognitive Bias in the Search Process Elective 1.15
Experiencing Microaggressions/Microinequities Elective 1.15
STAR Power Workshop (simulation) Elective 2.0
Gender Bias Workshop (simulation) Elective 2.0
Emotional Intelligence (simulation)  Elective 2.0

View or download the Spring 2023 WCP Schedule

Faculty, Speakers, and Presenters

Workplace Certificate Program Leader

  • Michael Alston, EdD, CCDP/AP
    Associate Vice Chancellor and Title IX Coordinator


  • Chandra Alston, EdD, MBA
  • Arielle Brown, LMSW 
  • Abigail Caritan, MA
  • Nakeshi "Nikki" Dyer, EdD, NCC
  • Miriam Ghandi
  • Omar Malik, JD
  • Vikki M. Massey, MS
  • Erin McElyea, MS 

Program Coordinator

  • Engagement Associate 
  • Michael Alston, EdD, CCDP/AP
How to Apply

The Workplace Certificate Program is offered by the Office of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity to only UTHSC faculty, staff, trainees, and students at all locations. A complete application will include the following:

  1. Application
  2. A separate document with answers to open-ended questions
  3. Supervisor’s endorsement (does not apply to student applications)

To apply, submit a complete application following the steps above. 


Nov 16, 2023