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Commemorative Months

OIED’s programming efforts related to national observances and commemorative months are offered to enhance the knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity, cultural competence and inclusion, but more importantly are in support of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s (UTHSC) mission and strategic plan.  Employees, students, residents, fellows, post docs and others are welcome to experience these sponsored education, learning and development events and programs.

The UTHSC list demonstrates the notable observed commemorative months coupled with programs and events highlighted in the Diversity Matters Newsletter. These recurrent observances are used by various governments, groups and organizations to raise awareness of an issue, commemorate a group or event, or celebrate something. The Library of Congress provides commentary and recommended resources for selected national observances and commemorative months. 

OIED Commemorative Months and Days

  • National Stalking Awareness Month (January)
  • Black History Month (February)
  • Women’s History Month (March)
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April)
  • Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (May)
  • Jewish American Heritage Month (May)
  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day (May 17)
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month (June)
  • Juneteenth (June 19)
  • National Civility Month (August)
  • National Hispanic American Heritage Month (Sept/Oct)
  • Constitution Day (Sept 17)
  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month (October)
  • National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October)
  • Veterans Day (November 11)
  • Native American Heritage Month (November)
Jun 21, 2023