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COHP Office of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs

The College of Health Professions Office of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs provides administrative leadership in all academic related activities to assist the faculty in achieving excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship, by:

  • Fostering an environment that will enhance the professional development of all faculty
  • Serving as liaison between faculty members and administration, and provide administrative support and guidance 
  • Encouraging scholarly productivity while maintaining a balance of professional responsibilities and personal quality of life 
  • Ensuring that faculty members are provided with the environment, resources and tools, to pursue the elements of teaching, scholarly activity, and service, that will enable them to advance in their careers and get professional satisfaction from their daily activities 

Responsibilities and Duties

The Office is accountable for the overall integrity, quality, leadership, management, and evaluation of the academic programs and related support services in the College. Specific responsibilities include curricular and program functions (e.g., curriculum oversight, program evaluation, program development, course scheduling, and advisements for students), accreditation reports, faculty-related academic functions, and community-related functions. Additional responsibilities include advancing strategic initiatives, creating innovative academic and clinical partnerships, developing and implementing new programs, promoting retention and graduation, advancing faculty development, and mobilizing resources to achieve excellence in education.

To achieve these responsibilities and duties, the office must work closely with faculty, students, and staff in the areas of Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs.

Academic Affairs
  • Review proposals for new academic programs and revisions of existing programs.
  • Establish new academic units and structures
  • Develop and revise policies and bylaws on admissions, progression and retention standards.
  • Develop and revises student and faculty policies.
  • Serve as liaison to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC), and the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and professional accrediting agencies
  • Support institutional research and assessment
  • Continuing education and Special programs
  • Development of (international) exchange programs
  • Oversight of clinical education
  • Ensures compliance with concerning academic policies, practices and procedures
Faculty Affairs
  • Faculty recruitment
  • Orientation
  • Faculty development
  • Promotion and tenure
  • Grievance and appeal procedures
  • Civic Engagement
  • Annual faculty performance evaluation and faculty retention
  • Faculty Hiring Guidelines
Student Affairs
  • Overall growth, development, and graduation of students
  • Serve students through a wide range of activities and programs, including advising, admission, career counseling, clinical placement, graduation activities, and much more
  • Recruitment and marketing of college’s academic programs
College Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee

  • The curriculum committee for COHP follows the UTHSC policy on Approval of Curricular Changes Relating to Academic Programs.
  • The committee reviews and processes submissions for curriculum enhancement and new programs.
  • The committee coordinates and reviews program learning outcomes assessment, and makes recommendations for curriculum enhancement.

Promotion and Tenure Committee

The committee is advisory to the Dean of faculty appointments, promotions and tenure in the COHP. 

  • Review dossier, meet to discuss each candidate, complete Metric Matrix, and vote on each recommendation for promotion and/or tenure, thereby making a positive or a negative recommendation on each candidate. The vote will be taken anonymously. Voting is limited to members of the committee holding rank equal to or higher than that to which the candidate is seeking promotion 
  • Promotion and Tenure (P&T) Committee of the COHP is responsible for making recommendations to the Dean concerning the award of tenure, and for promotion in rank.
  • If requested by the Dean, the committee may review a candidate’s credentials and make a recommendation concerning the appointment and rank.
  • If requested by the department chair, the committee participates in faculty interim probationary reviews and also in termination of tenured faculty in accordance with the UTHSC Faculty Handbook.

Research Committee

  • The research committee facilitates the dissemination of research information and opportunities from the office of the Associate Dean for research to the respective departments.

Student Affairs Committee

  • The student affairs committee is responsible for advising the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs on recruitment and enrollment of students for the degree programs and certificates offered by the College.
  • The committee monitors enrollment goals in productivity and quality metrics and coordinate with external departments on policy, processes, and change management.

Public Relations Committee

  • The public relations committee serves as the editorial board for the college alumni magazine and other college or campus publications, including the College’s website and various social networks.
  • The committee collects information, photographs and other records on an ongoing basis about faculty, alumni, and student activities as well as special achievements in the College.
  • The information is maintained for publications and other public relations activities or events.
  • This committee works closely with the office of the Associate Dean for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs to ensure proper coordination and correct data in the publications.

For more information contact: 
Dr. Neale Chumbler
Executive Associate Dean for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs 

Professor and Chair, Department of Diagnostic and Health Sciences

College of Health Professions
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
930 Madison, Suite 610
Memphis, TN 38105

Office Staff

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Aug 25, 2023