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GGI Seminar Series

Date Speaker Host Title Virtual Seminar
March 4  
Dr. Gerd Blobel
Chris Rogers The Beta-globin Gene Cluster as Paradigm of Gene Regulation and Therapeutic Opportunities” No video
March 11  
Dr. Gianluca Della Vedova
Flavia Villani “Computational Aspects of Models of Evolution” YouTube video
April 1  
Dr. Ewan Birney
Megan Mulligan “Understanding the Combination of Genetics and Environment on Vertebrate Physiology”  
April 22 Dr. J. David Jentsch Megan Mulligan “Sex, drugs and impulsivity: Novel associations discovered in the diverse mouse genome”  
May 6  
Dr. Scott Coonrod
Andrew Jones TBD  
May 20  
Dr. Bernie Daigle
Joy Afolabi TBD  


Virtual Seminar
August 27
Dr. Yan Cui
Megan Mulligan
Machine Learning for Health Equity and Causal Inference in Systems Genetics
YouTube video
September 10
Dr. Emily Puckett
Megan Mulligan
"How Rats Conquered the Globe: Phylogeographic History of Rattus Norvegicus" YouTube video
October 8
Dr. David Ashbrook
Megan Mulligan
“Diallel Crosses, Artificial Intelligence, and Mouse Models of Alzheimer’s Disease” YouTube video
October 22
Dr. Michael Snyder
Megan Mulligan
“Managing Health and COVID-19 Using Big Data” YouTube video
November 5
Dr. Keesha Roach
Ansley Stanfill/Rob Williams
“Pain Genetics in Sickle Cell Disease” YouTube video
November 12
Dr. Vincenza Colonna
Megan Mulligan
“Miscarriages, Pangenomes and Third-Generation Sequencing” YouTube video
December 3
Dr. Evan Eichler Megan Mulligan “Long-read Sequencing, Structural Variation and Disease” YouTube video
December 10
Dr. Hilary Finucane
Megan Mulligan
“Insights from Complex Trait Fine-Mapping Across Diverse Populations” YouTube video
December 17
Dr. Sarah Tishkoff Megan Mulligan “Genomic Evolution and Adaptation in Africa: Implications for Health and Disease” Video Link


Date Speaker Title Host Virtual Seminar
February 19 Dr. Daniel Mueller and Victoria Marshe Towards Precision Medicine in Psychiatry: Clinical Implementation Practice and Genome-wide Predictive Modelling Panjun Kim YouTube video
March 5 Dr. Byron Jones Modeling Individual Differences in Susceptibility to Gulf War Illness in a Genetic Reference Population of Mice Megan Mulligan YouTube video
March 12 Dr. Candace Middlebrooks Translational Studies and Risk Refinement of Genetic Variants that Increase Risk of Bladder, Breast and Hereditary Melanoma Cancers Claire Simpson YouTube video
April 23 Dr. Athena Starlard-Davenport MicroRNA29B: A Possible Treatment for Sickle Cell Disease Megan Mulligan YouTube video
April 30 Dr. Erik Garrison Building Pangenome Graphs Pjotr Prins YouTube video
May 7 Dr. Eric Greer Characterization of a New Epigenetic Model Organism and Modification Bijay Bisunke YouTube video
May 21 Dr. April Weissmiller Taking a Second Look at the MYC-SWI/SNF Interaction Pamela Watson YouTube video
May 28 Dr. Cheryl Winkler APOL1-associated Spectrum of Chronic Kidney Disease: Advances and Challenges Ernestine Amos-Abanyie YouTube video
June 4 Dr. Michael Love Robust and Reproducible Genomic Data Analysis Jeremiah Holt No Recording
June 11 Dr. Kathryn Cunningham The Long and Winding Road to Addiction Therapeutics Paige Lemen No Recording
June 18 Dr. Patrick Murphy Regulation of Chromatin Packaging During Development and Disease Progression Chelsea DeVaux YouTube video
June 25 Dr. Enkhe  Purevjav Utilization of BXD Strains Recourses for Genetic Research of Human Cardiovascular Diseases Lu Lu YouTube video


Date Speaker Title Host Virtual Seminar
September 2 Dr. Abe Clark Using Genetics and Genomics to Identify Novel Glaucoma Pathogenic Pathways Ashley Fitzgerald YouTube video
September 16 Dr. Christopher Cowan It Takes MEF2 to Tango: Linking Synapse Development, Neuroimmune Dysfunction and Syndromic Autism Paige Lemen YouTube video
September 30 Dr. Jonathan Pritchard Why Are Human Complex Traits So Enormously Polygenic? Lessons from Molecular Biomarker Traits David Ashbrook YouTube video
October 14 Dr. Charles Nichols Psychedelics Megan Mulligan  YouTube video
October 21 Dr. Susanne Schmid No Filter - Sensory Processing in Autism Megan Mulligan YouTube video
October 28 Dr. William Valdar Modeling Gene X Treatment Effects in the Collaborative Cross and Other Replicable Multiparent Populations Megan Mulligan YouTube video 
November 18 Dr. Andrea Gaedigk The PharmVar Database and Other PGx Resources Nour Aljouda YouTube video




May 26, 2022