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Certification in Sealant Application for the Dental Assistant

Date and Registration

June 9, 2020 and December 8, 2020 
9:00 am to 5:00 pm - CANCELED

Location: UTHSC Campus, Dunn Dental Building, 875 Union Ave., Room C103

Parking: Dental Patient Lot (O Lot) located southwest of Dunn Dental Bldg. is $3/weekdays. Metered parking is also available for a cost along S. Dunlap St.

Course Presenter: Brian Rhoads, DDS

Register: Course Registration Form or Register Online

Course Objectives

  • Identification of indications and contraindications for the placement of sealants
  • Recognition of anatomic landmarks on the teeth that influence sealant placement
  • Infection control guidelines when applying sealants
  • Determination of the armamentarium need to place sealants
  • Compare the various types of sealant material
  • Educating patients about sealants
  • Description of acid etching technique
  • Compare the various methods of moisture control necessary when applying sealants
  • Prepare a tooth for sealant including isolation and etching
  • Seal a tooth following a predetermined regimen
  • Self-evaluate the success of sealant placement


In order to attend this course for certification in Tennessee, the candidate must have a current Tennessee dental assistant license. Upon successfully completing a test given the same day as the course, the Board of Dentistry will issue you a new certificate with Sealant Application printed on your certificate.

You MUST have ALL required items listed below with you when you arrive to take the course. Failure to have all the items could result in you being unable to take the course.

Required Items to Bring

  • Clinic attire including gloves, mask, safety glasses and gown
  • Two autoclaved dental mouth mirrors and two dental explores in sterile bags
  • Ten (10) sterile extracted and sealable teeth: Laboratory tooth models specifically designed for sealant placement may be substituted for some of the extracted teeth. Acceptance of teeth other than extracted teeth is to be determined by the dentist directing the course. All necessary materials and instruments shall be provided by the student. In working with the extracted teeth all OSHA personal protective equipment shall be utilized and the teeth disposed of in accordance with standard practices.
  • Sterilized handpieces and prophy angles. Slow speed air driven handpiece (Four hole, connector, friction angle hand piece and motor for the hand piece, along with a prophy angle.)
  • Composite finishing bur to adjust occlusion if needed
  • ADA approved sealant used in your office
  • Copy of the declarations page of your doctor’s insurance

Tuition and CE Credit

$225 per assistant; includes lunch and handouts; 6 hours

All tuition and fees are due in full at the time of registration. Class space is limited; registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.Registration less than 10 business days prior to the course is subject to available space and a $25 late registration fee.

Last Published: Aug 7, 2020