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Mission, Vision, and Goals Overview

The University of Tennessee College of Medicine Chattanooga (UTCOMC) will be a top-tier medical education/ health sciences institution.

The mission of the UTHSC College of Medicine Chattanooga is to facilitate and support the education, research, and service goals of the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.
We will educate the future leaders in the field of medicine, "Blending the Art and Science of Medicine", and thus, reduce the burden of human illness and suffering.
Vision Focus Areas

Quality Education - UTCOMC will provide the highest quality of state-of-the-art education for Medical Students, Residents, Fellows, and practicing physicians in an integrated, multidisciplinary environment. Faculty will be recruited, supported, and retained to teach, engage in scholarly activity/ clinical research, and provide the highest level of healthcare for area patients.

  • Cutting-Edge, Nationally-Recognized Research: Recognizing that medical education must be built on a strong scientific foundation, faculty and students will engage in scientific research projects for the purpose of improving health and reducing the burden of illness globally.
  • Health Enhancements for Greater Chattanooga Area (and beyond): The region will have improved health outcomes due to the work of the UTCOMC. Many of the institution's students will choose to stay in the region to practice; thus, our excellence translates into better regional healthcare.
  • Excellence: Superior performance will be expected from all Faculty, Staff, and Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows.
    Fiscal Responsibility - Fiscal soundness will be the basis for all decisions regarding resources and how those resources are best utilized.
  • Compassion and Social Responsibility: Faculty, Staff, Medical Students, Residents, and Fellows will embrace the reason we are here: to contribute to health care one individual at a time. We will never lose sight of the fact that we serve individuals and their families, and they depend on us for their wellbeing.
  • Diversity: UTCOMC will recruit, educate, and graduate an increased number of underrepresented minorities, and we will work to reduce health disparities that exist for persons of color.
  • Health Access: UTCOMC will work with physically and mentally challenged individuals and organizations advocating for these individuals to ensure access to top- level health care is available for those who may not be able to navigate through and access health services for themselves.
  • Medical Community Integration and Enhancement: Recognizing that medical education is best when information is shared among the medical disciplines, UTCOMC will offer educational opportunities where all students, whatever their areas of specialty, will work together and learn that a collaborative medical community is a necessity.

The UTHSC College of Medicine Chattanooga will work to support the Strategic Plan of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Chattanooga Riverfront at Night

Jan 11, 2024