Speech-Language Pathology


All trainees and the fellow are supervised by certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologists.


  • Accurately matches and/or adapts screening procedures to all populations, selects appropriate screening criteria, administers and scores screening instruments (s) efficiently, interprets results, and makes appropriate recommendations.
  • Selects/develops and implements intervention strategies for treatment of communication and related disorders taking into consideration all unique characteristics and communication needs of the child.
  • Demonstrates communication skills, including listening, speaking, nonverbal, communication, and writing, taking into consideration the communication needs as well as the cultural values of the child, the family, caregivers, significant others, and other professionals.



A 4-month paid traineeship is available for three Graduate level students in speech-language pathology. These trainees spend 20 hours per week providing diagnostics and therapeutic services to children who have or are at risk for a developmental disability. Off-site clinic participation is also provided.

Who Can Apply

A limited number of stipends are available for graduate trainees. Applicants for stipends must be citizens of the United States or non-citizens admitted to the United States as permanent residents, with no other means of financial support.


Chief of Speech-Language Pathology, BCDD, 711 Jefferson Avenue, Memphis, TN 38105 (901) 448-6511.

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