BCDD Staff

For general questions regarding services, referrals or programs please call the main number at (901) 448-6511.


Frederick B. Palmer, MD photo Frederick B. Palmer, MD
Director, Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities
Shainberg Professor of Pediatrics Email: fpalmer@uthsc.edu

Dr. Palmer is committed to interdisciplinary training of professionals in comprehensive, coordinated, family-centered care and supports for children and adults with disabilities. He has worked closely with the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in developing certification policies and procedures in the subspecialty of Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. Dr. Palmer's special clinical service interests are in cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorders, preschool language disorders and better meeting the needs of children and adults with disabilities and their families in the setting of our changing health care delivery and related support system.

Bruce Keisling, PhD photo Bruce Keisling, PhD
Associate Director, Psychologist
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Email: bkeislin@uthsc.edu

Elizabeth Bishop photo Elizabeth Bishop, M.S.S.W.
LEND Training Coordinator
Email: ebishop@uthsc.edu

Elizabeth A. Bishop has been with the Boling Center since 2001 and is interested in educational issues from inclusion to post-secondary education as well as adult and distance learning. As a social worker her interests lie in systems and macro level practice of working with communities to assess and address issues and concerns. Her roles at the Boling Center have included aspects of community outreach and training as well as practice social work skills working with families and community partners. Ms. Bishop is currently working on a doctorate in adult education.


Jenness Roth, M.Ed  photoJenness Roth, M.Ed
Family Faculty Coordinator
Email: jroth11@uthsc.edu

Jenness Roth is part of the Training Department at the Boling Center, and she is passionate about ensuring that parents and siblings of people with disabilities are included in all training and learning opportunities available. Ms. Roth is the parent of two sons, one of whom has significant developmental disabilities. She has an extensive history in the state of Tennessee advocating, and teaching advocacy skills, to parents of children with special needs.

Judy H Brooks   photo Judy H. Brooks
Manager of Office and Building Services
Email: jbrooks@uthsc.edu

Vanessa Baker   photo Vanessa Baker
Business Manager
Email: vbaker@uthsc.edu

Shauna Morgan photo Shauna Morgan, CPS
Accounting Assistant
(901) 448-6511

Marion Abbott photo Marion Abbott, CPS
Administrative Services Assistant Patient Admissions/Reception
(901) 448-6511

Tracy Lowe photo Tracy Lowe
Principal Secretary

Teresa Pugh photoTeresa Pugh, CPS
Administrative Services Assistant, Director's Office
(901) 448-6512

Levader Jones photo Levader Jones
Appointments Secretary
Email: ljones41@uthsc.edu

Developmental Pediatrics

David Kube, MD photo David Kube, MD
Developmental Pediatrician
Associate Professor of Pediatrics

Toni Whitaker, MD photo Toni Whitaker, MD
Developmental Pediatrician
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Email: twhitak1@uthsc.edu
Dr. Whitaker is certified in Pediatrics and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities by the American Board of Pediatrics. She is involved in clinical service provision at the UT Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities, as well as at a number of other community locations. Dr. Whitaker allocates a large portion of her time and effort to conducting developmental follow-up for premature infants at local neonatal intensive care units (NICU). Dr. Whitaker also participates in a number of clinical research projects as well as teaching medical students and residents in the UT College of Medicine.

Debra Hanna, MD  photoDebra Hanna, MD
Developmental Pediatrician
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Email: dhanna@uthsc.edu

Genetics (Clinical)

Jewell C. Ward, M.D. photoJewell C. Ward, M.D., Ph.D.
Chief of Genetics
Professor of Pediatrics
Email: jward@uthsc.edu

Robert S. Wilroy, M.D. photoRobert S. Wilroy, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics

Enikö Pivnick, M.D. photoEnikö Pivnick, M.D.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Email: epivnick@uthsc.edu

Vicki Park not picturedVicki Park, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Pediatrics
Email: vpark@uthsc.edu

Avirachan T. Tharapel, Ph.D.
Professor of Pediatrics
Email: atharapel@uthsc.edu

Phyllis Coopwood, R.N.
Genetics Nurse
Email: pcoopwood@uthsc.edu

Stacy Hines-Dowell, FNPStacy Hines-Dowell, FNP
LeBonheur Genetics Nurse
Email: shines@uthsc.edu

Paula Martens, B.S.

Diana Chambers, MS photoDiana Chambers, MS, Ed.D.
Genetics Counselor
Email: dchambers@uthsc.edu


Carolyn Graff, PhD photoCarolyn Graff, PhD
Chief of Nursing
Professor, College of Nursing
Email: cgraff@uthsc.edu

Brenda Haddakin, LPN photoBrenda Haddakin, LPN
Email: bhaddakin@uthsc.edu


Lee Wallace, MS, RD, LDN photoLee Wallace, MS, RD, LDN, FADA
Chief of Nutrition
Metabolic Nutritionist
Email: cwalla15@uthsc.edu

Lee Wallace has worked with children and adults with developmental disabilities for over 20 years, first in the community and now at the Boling Center. She enjoys working with individuals and families on the practical aspects of following a healthy diet. She is nationally involved in both the Behavioral Health Nutrition and the Pediatric Nutrition Dietetic Practice Groups of the American Dietetic Association. She is currently working on a doctorate in education with an emphasis on adult education.

Sarah Sullivan, MS, RD, LDN photoSarah Sullivan, MS, RD, LDN
Email: shazleg@uthsc.edu

With a degree in nutrition, Sarah Sullivan is committed to serving patients with developmental disabilities, and their families. She specializes in working with those with inborn errors of metabolism, as part of an interdisciplinary team, in order to prevent disabilities and assist each individual to reach their highest potential. She is committed to training graduate and dietetic students in their nutrition studies, introducing them to interdisciplinary care of children and adults at risk or having developmental disabilities.


Laura Murphy, EdD photo Laura Murphy, EdD
Chief of Psychology; Research Coordinator; Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Email: lmurphy@uthsc.edu

Lauren Benner, PhD Lauren Benner, PhD

Center of Excellence for Children in State Custody

Janet Todd, PhD photoJanet Todd, PhD
Psychologist, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Email: jtodd@uthsc.edu

Colby Butzon, PhD photoColby Butzon Reed, PhD
Email: cbutzon@uthsc.edu

Melissa Hoffman, PhD photoMelissa Hoffman, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Email: mhoffman@uthsc.edu

Kristin Hoffman, Ph D. photoKristin Hoffman, Ph.D.
PCIT Supervisor, Psychologist
Email: khoffma9@uthsc.edu

Melissa James, MSSW photoMelissa James, LCSW
Social Worker, Center of Excellence
Email: mjames26@uthsc.edu

Sharon Wilbanks photo Sharon Wilbanks, BA, CPS
Senior Administratve Services Assistant
UT Center of Excellence
Email: swilbanks@uthsc.edu

Benetra M. Johnson photo Benetra M. Johnson
Project Coordinator
Email: bmangumj@uthsc.edu

Physical Therapy

Luisa Ramirez de Lynch  photoLuisa Ramirez de Lynch
Physical Therapist, Camino Seguro West contact
Email: lramirez@uthsc.edu

Social Work

Belinda Hardy photoBelinda T. Hardy , LCSW
Chief of Social Work, Technical Assistance Coordinator
Email: btate@uthsc.edu

Ashley Annestedt, LCSW photoAshley Annestedt, LCSW
Social Worker
Email: annested@uthsc.edu

Malissa Duckworth, MSSW photoMalissa Duckworth, MSSW
Social Worker
Email: mduckwo3@uthsc.edu

Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology

Karen Hudson, MA, CCC-SLP photoKaren Hudson, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Email: khudson@uthsc.edu

Denice Perkins, MA, CCC-SLP photo Denice Perkins, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Email: dperkins@uthsc.edu

Roxanne Aaron photoRoxanne Aaron, AuD, CCC-A
Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Memphis
Email: rjaaron@memphis.edu

Relative Caregiver Program

Teresa English photo Teresa English, MSSW
Program Administrator
Email: tdjones@uthsc.edu

Teresa English has been in the Social Services field for 25 years. She has a vast array of experience working with children and families. She completed her graduate education at the University of Tennessee with a Masters in Social Work. She especially loves her current position as Lead Family Advocate Counselor with the Relative Caregiver Program. Ms. Jones is very passionate about her work with families and finds it especially gratifying to watch families progress and successfully graduate from the program.

Rhonda Ferguson photo Rhonda Ferguson, BPS
Family Advocate Counselor
Email: rfergus8@uthsc.edu
Rhonda Ferguson has been a Family Advocate Counselor with the Relative Caregiver Program since 2006. She has over 15 years of experience in social services in Memphis including high-risk family prevention, family support, and foster care. As a Family Advocate Counselor, her primary role is establishing working collaborative services between caregivers and the social services available in the community.

Shunta Adams photo Shunta Adams, BS
Community Outreach Coordinator
Email: sadams10@uthsc.edu

Pamela Beckley, CAP
Administrative Services Assistant
Relative Caregiver Program
Email: pbeckley@uthsc.edu

Pamela Beckley has been an Administrative Services Assistant with the Relative Caregiver Program since 2001, where her primary responsibilities are as liaison between the Program, the University fiscal departments, and the program's external funding source. Pam's main responsibilities include maintaining fiscal records for all parties that reflect the dissemination of funds, ensure compliance with fiscal policies and procedures, and to assist the Family Advocates in serving participating families in need in a speedy and efficient manner.

Brittny Washington photo Brittny Washington
Principal Secretary
Email: bwashin6@uthsc.edu

Adriana Estrada, BSW
Family Advocate Counselor
UT BCDD Shelby County Relative Caregiver Program
Office: (901) 448-3322
Fax: (901) 448-3534
Email: agarza2@uthsc.edu

Melvin Jackson Melvin Jackson, MPS, MAT
Vice Chair
BCDD Community Advisory Council
Office: (901) 448-1783
Email: mjacks63@utk.edu

Melvin joined the Center for Literacy, Education & Employment in the Fall of 2011. He has been a middle school teacher and a volunteer tutor in adult literacy. Melvin holds a Master of Professional Studies degree and a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, both from the University of Memphis. Melvin also holds a teaching license in the state of Tennessee. His endorsements are in middle grades and special education. As a Self-Determination trainer and Transition consultant, Melvin provides professional development and technical assistance to teachers and others on helping high school students, including those with disabilities or other barriers, transition from high school to career or post-secondary education or training

Rodney Johnson
Family Advocate Counselor
UT BCDD Shelby County Relative Caregiver Program
Office: (901) 448-3324
Fax: (901) 448-3534
Email: rjohns61@uthsc.edu