About The Boling Center

The Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities (BCDD) is one of more than 60 University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities in the United States established by the federal government to develop interdisciplinary training, service, and applied research related to developmental disabilities. The BCDD is now one of the most comprehensive facilities in the nation dedicated to improving quality of life for people of all ages with developmental disabilities and their families.

Maternal and Child Health LEND Program

The BCDD also focuses on prevention of developmental disabilities through programs for mothers and children who have or are at risk of having special care needs.


Administered by the College of Medicine of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, this interdisciplinary facility is committed to advances in training, service, applied research, information dissemination, and planning and policy development at local, regional, state, and national levels.

BCDD Functions

Interdisciplinary Training

Professionals from 11 disciplines provide the structure for this Center for Excellence through affiliations with a number of colleges and universities. With support from the Department of Health and Human Services Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the BCDD offers stipends for interdisciplinary leadership training in neurodevelopmental disabilities and related disorders for graduate and post-graduates students.

The BCDD also offers continuing education through conferences, workshops, seminars, certificate training and short courses for community-based professionals, state agency personnel, service providers, educators, family members, and consumers. These training experiences are designed to improve or expand services to persons with disabilities, children with chronic health care needs, and their families.


Clinical programs at the BCDD include interdisciplinary outpatient diagnostic clinics that evaluate, recommend, and provide individual interventions for various developmental disabilities.

Community Outreach, Consultation and Technical Assistance

Community outreach and technical assistance expands the BCDD to support communities in building inclusive services for its citizens with disabilities. The BCDD provides consultation and technical assistance through activities such as needs assessment, program development, planning, administration/management, program evaluation, and client consultations on a national scope.

Research and Dissemination

Applied research is ongoing and includes laboratory, clinical, and behavioral projects involving model development, best practices, and action research.

Dissemination of information occurs through publications, continuing education, instructional products, audiovisual productions, consultation, and technical assistance.

Developmental Disabilities Network


As a UCEDD and LEND Program, the Boling Center is part of the Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD). For more information, visit the AUCD website.


The Boling Center, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development in Nashville, the Disability Law and Advocacy Centers of TN offices in Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville, and the Tennessee Council on Developmental Disabilities form the Developmental Disabilities Network in Tennessee.

The network engages in collaborative projects and efforts. More can be found about the network at www.tennddnetwork.org.

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