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Endowed Professorships

Professorship Name Occupant
A.C. Mullins Professorship in Translational Research Samuel E. Dagogo-Jack, MD
Baptist Memorial Healthcare Clinical Professorship in Maternal/Fetal Medicine Vacant
Baptist Memorial Health Care Clinical Professorship in Ophthalmology Vacant
Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation Professorship in Transplantation Surgery Vacant
David Stevens Professorship in Pediatric Clinical Pharmacy Vacant
Dorothy and Daniel Gerwin Professorship in Cancer Research Mahul Amin, MD
Eastridge-Cole Endowed Professorship in Thoracic Oncologic Surgery Benny Weksler, MD
Fred E. Hatch, MD Professorship in Medicine Csaba Kovesday, MD
Gale S. and Richard D. Siegal Professorship in Ophthalmology Vacant
Gene H. Stollerman Endowed Professorship in Internal Medicine James B. Dale, MD
George Thomas Wilhelm Professorship in Orthopaedics Karen A. Hasty, PhD
Governor's Endowed Chair in Biomedical Informatics Robert L. Davis, MD
Governor's Endowed Chair in Computational Genomics Robert W. Williams, PhD
Hamilton Professorship in Ophthalmology Vacant
Harold B. Boyd Professorship in Orthopaedic Surgery Vacant
Harriet S. Van Vleet Professorship in Medical Oncology D. Neil Hayes, MD, MPH
Harriet S. Van Vleet Professorship in Pharmacy Georgi V. Petkov, PhD
Harriet S. Van Vleet Professorship in Research Oncology Gabor J. Tigyi, MD, PhD
Harwell W. Wilson Alumni Professorship in Surgery Vacant
Herbert A. Shainberg Professorship in Developmental Pediatrics Bruce L. Keisling, PhD
James T. Robertson Professorship in Neurosurgery Frederick A. Boop, MD
Jay Michael Sullivan Distinguished Chair in Cardiology John Lynn Jefferies, MD, MPH, FAAP, FACC, FAHA, FHFSA
John Dustin Buckman Professorship in Pediatrics Dennis D. Black, MD
Lemuel W. Diggs Alumni Professorship in Medicine Vacant
Matson K. Callison Professorship in Medicine Vacant
Methodist Healthcare Professorship in Women's Health Vacant
Methodist Hospitals Foundation Professorship in Neuroscience Anton Reiner, PhD
Neuton S. Stern Professorship in Cardiovascular Diseases Karl T. Weber, MD
Orren W. Hyman Professorship of Medicine Colin W. Howden, MD
Paul Nemir, Jr. Professorship in International Child Health William Novik, MD
Philip M. Lewis Professorship in Ophthalmology James C. Fleming, MD, FACS
Plough Foundation Professorship in Retinal Diseases Edward Chaum, MD
Plough Foundation Endowed Chair in Sickle Cell Disease Kenneth I. Ataga, MD
Rex A. Amonette Professorship in Dermatology Tejesh Patel, MD
Robert H. Cole Professorship in Neurosciences (Graduate School of Medicine) Ralph Lydic, PhD
Robert S. Pearce Chair in Medicine James E Bailey, MD
Roger L. Hiatt Professorship in Ophthalmology Natalie C. Kerr, MD, FACS
Ruth Neil Murry Chair in Nursing Wendy Likes, PhD, DNSc
Dr. Schayel R. Scheinberg Endowed Professorship David M. Shibata, MD
Sheldon Barnarr Korones Professorship in Neonatology Ajay Talati, MD
Simon R. Bruesch Alumni Professorship in Anatomy Matthew Ennis, PhD
St. Jude Chair in Neurosurgery Frederick A. Boop, MD
St. Jude Chair in Ophthalmology Matthew W. Wilson, MD
St. Jude Chair in Pediatric Cardiology Jeffrey A. Towbin, MD
St. Jude Chair in Pediatric Critical Care Vacant
St. Jude Chair in Pediatric General Surgery James W Eubanks, MD
St. Jude Chair in Pediatric Genetics Chester W. Brown, MD
St. Jude Chair in Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine
St. Jude Professorship in Pediatrics
Thomas K. Ballard-Oscar M. McCallum Professorship in Family Medicine
Gregg Mitchell, MD
UTHSC College of Medicine Professorship in Women's Health Karen C. Johnson, MD
UTMG Professorship in Nephrology L. Darryl Quarles, MD

Last Published: Jun 11, 2020