Budget and Benefits Committee


Specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, policies and recommendations related to the following:

  • Faculty Handbook sections related to faculty compensation;
  • Compensated outside activities policy;
  • Faculty compensation package;
  • Campus-wide long-range planning;
  • Evaluation of space allocations and physical facilities;
  • Faculty recruitment and retention; and
  • Education of faculty about the budget process and related issues.


  • Promote the dissemination of clearly stated Faculty compensation and benefits policies and encourage the equitable application of these policies across all colleges.
  • Promote clear and equitable consideration regarding the criteria for faculty salary raises and bonuses (based on merit, market equity and/or cost of living and salary compression).
  • Provide Faculty input into the planning of the UTHSC annual budget and analyzing of administrative overhead.
  • Address library access and funding issues for faculty across the UT system.

Members of Committee

George Cook (Chair) College of Medicine - Basic
Stacey Emerson College of Nursing
Chris Ledbetter College of Medicine - Clinical
Dan Martin College of Medicine - Clinical
Vernon Pennington College of Dentistry
Christiana Spivey College of Pharmacy
Elaine Stegman College of Health Professions
Thad Wilson College of Medicine - Clinical

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