Budget and Benefits Committee


Specific areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, policies and recommendations related to the following:

  • Faculty Handbook sections related to faculty compensation;
  • Compensated outside activities policy;
  • Faculty compensation package;
  • Campus-wide long-range planning;
  • Evaluation of space allocations and physical facilities;
  • Faculty recruitment and retention; and
  • Education of faculty about the budget process and related issues.


• Promote the dissemination of clearly stated Faculty compensation and benefits policies and encourage the equitable application of these policies across all colleges.
• Promote clear and equitable consideration regarding the criteria for faculty salary raises and bonuses (based on merit, market/gender equity and/or cost of living and salary compression).
• Provide Faculty input into the planning of the UTHSC annual budget and analyzing of administrative overhead.
• Monitor the campus debt service.

Members of Committee

Martin Donaldson (Chair) College of Dentistry
Stacey Emerson College of Nursing
Chris Ledbetter College of Medicine - Clinical
Dan Martin College of Medicine - Clinical
Jay Ragain College of Dentistry
Christiana Spivey College of Pharmacy
Elaine Stegman College of Health Professions
George Cook College of Medicine - Basic
Thad Wilson Ex Officio – Senate President
Tony Ferrara Ex Officio (non voting) administration
Chandra Alston Ex Officio (non voting) administration
Jacquelyne McClarin Administrative Assistant
Ellen Hamby College of Health Professions
Santhosh Koshy College of Medicine - Clinical

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Memphis, TN  38163
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