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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in the medallion program?
The medallion program is designed to help you identify areas in which you want to improve your teaching. It provides step by step guidance for developing expertise in areas that interest you. This program is also a way for you to engage in conversations with your department chair to set goals for the coming year.
Is there any order in which I should complete the medallions?
No. However, we recommend that you complete the “Craft of Teaching” medallion before working on any of the others. Each medallion is designed to function independently as a discrete learning experience.
How long do I have to complete a medallion once I start it?
There is no time limit to complete the requirements for a medallion. Each medallion is designed to be completed in twenty hours. You can take as much time as you need to finish.
Does completion of a medallion count towards promotion and tenure?
Each college has its own requirements for promotion and tenure. Whether or not you receive credit should be a conversation with your department chair.
What is the Expert Educator medallion?
The Expert Educator medallion is the highest level of achievement in the program. It indicates that you have received the “Craft of Teaching”, “Inclusive Learning”, “Teaching with Technology” medallions, and six other medallions of your choosing. It will take about 180 hours to complete (20 hours per medallion).
Is there compensation for finishing a medallion?
There is no compensation for completing any of the individual medallions. However, if you complete the “Craft of Teaching”, “Inclusive Learning”, “Teaching with Technology”, and six other medallions of your choosing, you will receive the “Expert Educator” medallion and a one-time $3,000 stipend.
How do I get started on a medallion?
First, you need to let your department chair or academic dean know that you would like to participate. They will forward your name to the TLC. We will contact you when we’ve heard from someone in your college.
Is there a limit to the number of medallions I can complete?
No. You can complete as many medallions as you want. There is no compensation for completing additional medallions.
How will I be able to demonstrate which medallions I’ve received?
You will receive a digital badge which will appear on your UTHSC Digital Measures profile page. You can  also share and connect it to your LinkedIn account. You will also receive a physical medallion that can be mounted on a TLC-provided plaque, ready to hang on your wall.
Will there be additional medallions?
We will continue to add more medallion opportunities.
What recognition will I receive for completing the medallions?
Medallion recipients will be recognized at an annual awards ceremony. Those who receive the Expert Educator medallion will also be recognized on the TLC web site.
I’m participating in certificate programs that are the same topic as the medallions? Do I need to do both?
No. If you complete the requirements of the “Clinical Educators” or “Pedagogy of the Social Determinants of Health” certificates, you will also receive that medallion. Those who complete the “Universal Design of Learning” certificate will receive the “Inclusive Learning” medallion. Participants in the “Faculty New to Teaching” certificate will be completing the requirements for the “Craft of Teaching” medallion.
What if I have additional questions?
Send email to with any questions
Sep 23, 2022