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Interprofessional Education

The Interprofessional Education Medallion offers UTHSC faculty a chance to develop an IPE Project while learning more about interprofessional education. The five modules guide participants through the four IPE competencies, Values and Ethics, Communication, Roles and Responsibilities, and Teamwork, and supports the participants in designing teaching activities aligned with these areas. Each participant will finish the medallion with a completed IPE Project Proposal and Assessment Plan that they can implement in their own teaching.

This medallion introduces participants to Interprofessional Education (IPE) and supports participants in the development of an IPE project. To participate in this medallion, participants must work with a partner or small interprofessional  group. Every participant must begin the Opening Individual Module and confirm their group/partner by the end of the individual module. If you do not have an interprofessional group or partner, please complete the Opening Individual Module and then you will be prompted to meet with Dr. Liz Hall to discuss the possibility of finding a partner or group for you.Thismedallion will take approximately 20 hours to complete and participants must complete both individual exercises as well as partner/group exercises to successfully earn the medallion.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of this medallion, participants will be able to 

  1. Recognize key components of interprofessional education (IPE), IPE pedagogy, and varied approaches used to facilitate IPE; 
  2. Discuss measurable learning objectives related to key IPE competencies, including values and ethics, roles and responsibilities, communication, and teamwork; 
  3. Design effective assessment strategies that measure learning objectives related to key IPE competencies, including values and ethics, roles and responsibilities, communication, and teamwork; 
  4. Develop instructional strategies for IPE that align with the principles of inclusive learning and active learning;   
  5. Develop evidence-based interprofessional learning activities that reflect the principles of IPE pedagogy.

Course Modules

Medallion Structure

Since IPE remains effective when designed by collaborators from different backgrounds, this medallion is set up to support both individual learning about IPE and to support partnerships among faculty from different fields. To earn the medallion, participants must meet both individual and group expectations. Those who wish only to act as a partner or group member, do not have to complete all individual assignments and these partners/group members should only complete the group activities.

List of Modules (all required):

Opening Module: What is IPE & IPE Pedagogy?
Module One: Drafting an IPE Proposal
Module Two: Values and Ethics
Module Three: Roles and Responsibilities
Module Four: Communication
Module Five: Teamwork

TLC Interprofessional Education Badge

Faculty Testimonials

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Apr 25, 2024