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Student Health Insurance

Health Insurance

UTHSC students must maintain health insurance coverage as a condition of enrollment.  UTHSC’s mandatory policy requires students to provide documentation of insurance coverage (waive) or to enroll (elect) in the Student Health Insurance plan each year. The University will email your UTHSC email address with information regarding your status in the enrollment/waiver process. Failure to waive or enroll in the student health insurance will result in you being enrolled in and charged for student health insurance.

If you have questions about your waiver status, please contact the Center for Student Success at 901.448.7703.  

For more information about the insurance plan including a summary of benefits and premium costs, please visit

Dependent coverage is not currently offered through the UTHSC student health insurance plan. For students seeking dependent coverage, please contact for information and guidance related to securing dependent coverage through private health insurance.

For questions about the insurance itself including copays, deductibles, covered expenses and more, please call Holland Insurance at 662.895.5528.

Please contact the Center for Student Success at 901.448.7703 if you need any additional information.

If you need to pick up coverage during the school year:

Contact our agent, Holland Insurance at 888.393.9500, with the date you need to begin coverage. They will provide you with the prorated rate for coverage as well as instructions on how to enroll. It is best to contact Holland Insurance directly about a month before you need your new coverage to begin. If you are losing coverage because you are turning 26, please be aware that insurers have different policies on the end of coverage after a dependent turns 26. You should contact your current insurer for the information necessary to determine your start date for student health insurance.

Dental Insurance

UTHSC has contracted with Delta Dental insurance for student dental insurance. Coverage is optional for students and their dependents. For students electing to purchase dental insurance, the students' dental premiums will be assessed in their Banner accounts along with their tuition and fees. The premiums will be assessed bi-annually in the Fall and Spring semesters. Each assessment will equate to six months of dental premium coverage.

As with tuition and fees, the dental insurance premium will be deducted from the student’s account prior to any refunds being issued. Dental insurance coverage is only offered for a full term and thus is not prorated. 

For more information about the student dental insurance plan, please see the Delta Dental brochure and Summary of Benefits.

For more information about the dental insurance, please contact Delta Dental Customer Support at 1.800.223.3104.


Vision Insurance

We do not offer a vision insurance plan for students. The University does participate in a discount plan called the Vision Enhancement Plan. This plan is a partnership between the Hamilton Eye Institute, the Southern College of Optometry and other community partners in Memphis. For more information about this free discount plan open to all students, please see the Vision Enhancement Plan brochure

Aug 14, 2023