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QEP Committees

Steering Committee

Steering Committee: responsible for providing oversight for all aspects of the QEP including communication to campus community and recruitment of committee members for the planning committees.

Members: Charles Snyder - AFSA, Chair

Chandra Alston - HR Rick Fought - LIB Cindy Russell - AFSA
Michael Alston - OED Kathy Gibbs - SASSI Richard Smith - SEN & GHS
Noma Anderson - COHP, DAC Aaron Hamby - COP, PSGA Altha Stewart - COM
Sally Badoud - C&M Robert Hannah - COD, SGAEC Darrylinn Todd - AFSA
Ashanti Braxton - COD Peg Hartig - CON Junling Wang - COP
Will Burleson – COHP, SGAEC Gwen Jackson - LIB Alexander Feliz - LeBonheur, COM
MaryAnn Clark - AFSA Kimberly Johnstone - COP, SGAEC Steve Butler - IT
Allen Dupont - IE Santhosh Koshy - COM  Matthew Davis - COM
Mike Ebbs - FIN Jonnie Perez - SAES Anna Evans - Student, COHP, SGAEC President
Chad Epps - SIM/IPE Lee Pribyl - CGHS, SGAEC Waletha Wasson - COD
Lori Gonzalez - AFSA Kelly Smith - COP, SGAE  
Topic Selection Task Force

Topic Selection Task Force (Subset of Steering Committee) Committee of the Whole

Noma Anderson - COHP MaryAnn Clark - AFSA Kimberly Johnstone - Student, COP
Sally Badoud - Marketing Lori Gonzalez - AFSA Darrylinn Todd - AFSA
Will Burleson - Student, COHP Peg Hartig - CON  
Marketing Committee

Marketing Committee: responsible for how the QEP, the topic and associated activities are markets.

Members: Sally Badoud - Marketing, Chair

Ashanti Braxton - COD Adan Gaines - Creative Services Reba Umberger - CON
Jackie Denton - Communications Kathy Gibbs - SASSI Sam Jorden - Student, COM-PA
Sophia Mosher - OED Aaron Hamby - Student; COP  
Janerah Pentiah Student - COM-PA Taylor Anderson - Student, COM-PA  
Assessment Committee
Assessment Committee: responsible for setting up and assessing pilot projects as well as obtaining baseline data on where students and curriculum objectives are.

Members: Allen Dupont - IE, Chair

Noma Anderson - COHP Janice Maddox - SAES Richard Smith - GHS, Senate
Savannah Brackman - Student, M2 Stephanie Nikbakht - CON Debra Toombs - Finance
Alicia Diaz-Thomas - COM, Peds Mark Scarbecz - COD Greg Randall Watts - Library
Rick Fought - Library Greg (Randall) Watts - Library Karen Merriweather - Student, COD, BSA 
Faculty & Staff Development Committee
Faculty & Staff Development: responsible for ensuring development for faculty is available, the creation of a team of experts on campus, and bringing in national experts (via TLC) when needed.

Members: Cindy Russell - AFSA and Chandra Alston - HR, Co-Chairs

Nisreen Abu Al Hommos - COM Alisa Renee Haushalter - CON Junling Wang - COP
Vicki Chandler - CON Wesley Holloway - Library Lisa Youngentob - Research
Beth Choby - COM Stephanie Lancaster - COHP Lisa Zeigler - AFSA
Karen Shader - TLC Billy Holcombe - COM  
Technology Committee

Technology Committee: responsible for ensuring have the right technology in place to support QEP objectives.

Members: Tim Florence - ITS and Karen Shader -TLC, Co-Chairs

Allen Gillespie - Digital Content Wesley Holloway - Library Phyllis Richey - COM, Prev Med
Mike Hopkins - IE Shannetta Morton - AFSA Brad Terhune - ITS
Sam Jorden - Student, COM-PA Janerah Pentiah - Student, COM-PA Taylor Anderson - Student, COM-PA
Co-Curricular Committee

Co-Curricular Committee: responsible for activities that occur outside the graded evaluated experience of students.

Members: Darrylin Todd - SAES and Will Burleson - Student, COHP, Co-Chairs

Hannah Allen - Student, COM Michele McAmis - PGY3, Med-Peds Alex Quesenberry - Library
Kathy Gibbs - SASSI Peg Hartig - CON Debra Bolton - One Stop Shop
Quintin B. Robinson - Student Life Jean Perdicaris - SAES Kenny Gentner - Student, CON, SGAEC
Jeremy Wooten Student, COHP, SGAEC Karen Merriweather -Student, COD, BSA Anna Evans - Student, COHP, SGAEC President
IPE Committee

IPE Committee: responsible for coming up with learning objective and co-curricular environments around teaming.

Members: Chad Epps - CHIPS, Chair

Larry Jason Breakfield - Student, COM Peg Hartig - CON Alex Quesenberry - Library
Christie Cavallo - CON Vickie Jones - COD Laura Reed - CON
Jami Flick - COHP Sajeesh Kumar  COHP Crystal Walker - CON
Lekah George - COM, PA Sajeesh Kumar Kamala Raghavan - COHP Alan Blanton - COD
Jeremy Wooten - Student, COHP, SGAEC Peter Ketch - Student, COM, SGAEC Aaron Hamby - Student, COP, SGAEC
R.J. Autry - Student, CGHS, SGAEC Haley Daughtery - Student, COP  
Proposal Development Committee

Proposal Development Committee: Responsible for the development of the QEP including student learning outcomes.

Members: Alexander Feliz - LeBonheur, COM, Chair

Michael Alston - OED Erinn Finke - COHP, UTK Chelsea Phillips Renfro - COP
Noma Anderson - COHP  Jay Fowke - COM, Prev Med Mellie Riddle - Student, M1
Shannon Christy - CON Peg Hartig - CON Courtney Sasse - COHP
Martin Donaldson - COD, Faculty Senate President Robert Hatfield - Student, COHP Shaquita Starks - CON
Issac Donkor - GHS Kimberly Johnstone - Student, COHP Altha Stewart - COM
Allen Dupont - IE Michelle Martin - COM Orpheus Triplet - COD
MaryAnn Clark - AFSA Kiela Person - AFSA Lin Wu - Library
Lori Gonzalez - AFSA Darrylinn Todd - AFSA  
SDoH Curriculum Task Force

SDoH Curriculum Task Force: Faculty group responsible for developing curriculum and curricular processes.

Noma Anderson - COHP Mojdeh Dehghan - COD Beth Choby - COM
Hassan Aziz - COHP Kara Caruthers Nechama Citrin - COD
MaryAnn Clark - AFSA, ex-officio Judy Clifft - COHP John Cox - CGHS
Matthew Davis - COM Ed DeSchepper - COD Marion Donohoe - CON
Allen Dupont - AFSA, ex-officio Nikki Dyer - COD, SASSI Chad Epps - CHIPS, COM, CGHS
Alex Feliz - COM Lori Gonzalez - AFSA, ex-officio Dawn Havrda - COP
Shelley Hawkins - CON Vinay Jain - COD PJ Koltnow - COM-PA
Shelley Means-White - COP Mark Miller - COM Vicki Park - COM
Keevia Porter - CON Orpheus Triplett - COD Mike Whitt - COM
Lin Wu - Library Lisa Ziegler - AFSA Admin support  
Aug 14, 2023