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Learning Resources

Time Management 

Time Management in 3 Minutes  Video icon

Workshop: Time Management  Video icon (Fall 2015)

Narrated Presentation: Time Management  Video icon

Daily Calendar Template
Use this blank schedule to help plan review time, study sessions, workouts, etc.

Steps to an Effective Schedule

Time-Saving Tips

Managing Your Time Worksheet
An activity to help identify and evaluate how you spend your time.

Exam Study Schedule Worksheet
A helpful organizational worksheet for making a study schedule for an exam.

Habit-building and productivity app that treats your real life like a game. With rewards and punishments to motivate you and a strong social network to inspire you, Habitica can help you achieve your goals to become healthy, hard-working, and happy. Free on iOS and Android.

Smart to-do list management with due dates, reminders, sub-tasks and notes, and shared lists. Works across all devices.

Study Skills

Proximity Studying

How to be More Active When Studying Video icon

An Effective Study Strategy for Students in the Health Sciences: Preview/Review Video icon

An Effective Approach to Studying

Successful Study Strategies

Note Taking for Retention and Learning

Note Taking Powerpoint

Taking Notes on an iPad/Tablet Video icon  | Transcript
In this short presentation, UTHSC P3 Josh Sanders shows what apps he uses and what he has seen work for other students. He discusses the following apps: iAnnotate, RepliGo (now Xodo), Notability, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and OneDrive. Also check out Drawboard if you are using a Windows device.

Notes, Lists, Reminders, and other Productivity Tools

Digital Flashcard Resources

Test Anxiety Management
Workshop: Transforming Stress and Test Anxiety Video icon | Transcript Do you ever find yourself feeling nervous, distracted, or stressed before or during tests? Identify strategies to minimize your stress and anxiety and allow you to perform better on your next exam with SASSI Counselor MarciaSeeberg.

Quick Stress Relievers

Test-Taking Anxiety Presentation

Test Preparation to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety Presentation

Guided Meditation on Studying and Test-Taking 
Looking for a way to reprogram your thoughts and feelings toward taking board exams? Check out this guided meditation by Dr. Emmitt Miller. This meditation on “Your inner study” is designed to reprogram your thoughts and feelings about studying and taking high stakes exams.

"I'm feeling anxious.."

Health and Wellness

Stress Management Presentation

Link to Join Weekly Meditations/Recorded Meditations

Free Online Guided Meditations 
From the UCLA Health System

Counseling Resources

Meditation, Relaxation, and Mental Hygiene Apps

Reading Rate and Comprehension

Reading Rate and Comprehension Presentation  Video icon
With SASSI Educational Specialist Nikki Dyer

Assessment Results Workshop Video icon
Fall 2018 recorded presentation going over the Nelson-Denny Reading Test and ILS assessment results, including strategies and resources to enhance reading rate, reading comprehension, and learning preferences.

Schulte Tables

Schulte tables can be used to develop mental rate of perception. They work like a game by helping to expand your field of vision and speeding up word recognition.

Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP)

This method displays one or two words at a time in one location very quickly so that your eyes don’t have to do the work and take the time of moving around a page. Try it out!

Step-by-Step Programs

Language and Vocabulary

  • Semper   (iOS, Android)
  • Duolingo   (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)
  • Busuu   (iOS, Android) 
Learning Preferences 

Learning Preferences and Assessment Results Workshop Video icon
Fall 2018 recorded presentation on learning preferences, assessment results, and resources to enhance learning.

What's Your Learning Style?
Presentation on ILS Assessment Results and Learning Styles

Assessment Workshop Presentation
Spring 2017

Bloomin' Apps 
A collection of apps arranged according to Bloom's Taxonomy

Writing, Cover Letters and CVs 

Please note that the UT-Knoxville Writing Center and SASSI are collaborating to assist UTHSC students with writing assistance. 30-minute online consultations are available by appointment; up to 1 hour of appointment time is available per week per student. Students can sign up for online appointments with UTK writing consultant here: The writing consultant will provide feedback on UTHSC students’ written coursework, following UTK Writing Center tutoring guidelines. No proofreading or editing will be offered, and consultants will not give feedback on exams or theses. To learn more about this resource, please read the following pamphlet information: UTHSC-UTK Online Writing Assistance Fall 2020.

All UTHSC students are asked to complete a short survey following their session so that satisfaction with this service can be assessed. 

Questions?  Please contact the UT Online Writing Center

Please note other valuable resources listed below.

Writing and Research

Cover Letters

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Personal Statements

College of Health Professions 

Cyto and Med Tech

Health Informatics and Information Management

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

College of Pharmacy 
 Please visit the SASSI Blackboard page for COP resources.

Last Published: Oct 8, 2020