Quantitative Real-time PCR

The LightCycler® 480 Instrument is a rapid, thermal block cycler with integrated real-time, online detection capabilities.

The BioMark™ System produces high quality data from RNA, miRNA, and DNA. Will perform real-time PCR analysis on up to 96 unique samples and 96 genes.


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Universal ProbeLibrary assays are compatible with all real-time PCR instruments capable of detecting fluorescein, FITC, FAM, and/or SYBR Green I, and follow standard cycling protocols for hydrolysis probe assays.

For Roche LC480, contact Felicia Waller. For Fluidigm Biomark, contact Jian Yan.

  Roche LC480 Fluidigm Biomark
Format 96 or 384 well plates 12 samples x12 genes; 48 samples x 48 genes (Real-Time or SNP genotyping); 96 samples x 96 genes
Applications Taqman, Sybr Green, HRM, Genotyping Taqman, Sybr Green, Genotyping, Digital PCR
Advantages Flexible format High throughput; uses very low quantities
Disadvantages Expensive for high throughput experiments Fixed formats; samples must be pre-amplified.
Sample Preparation Suggestions Eppendorf epMotion robot available for 384 well plates; samples should be in triplicate. Pre-qualified assays recommended, reference gene should be determined empirically More than 1 technical replicate for each sample recommended.