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Molecular Bioinformatics (mBio)

The mBIO core was established through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. The mBIO Core's mission is to provide the scientists at the UTHSC and other UT campuses with access to the latest technologies and expertise for analyzing molecular data. The mBIO core was created to compliment the services offered at the Molecular Resource Center (MRC) allowing one stop data generation and analysis. The mBIO core offers consultation services during the experiment design and data analysis after data are generated. Services include sequence assembly, sequence alignment, differential expression analysis, epigenetic analysis, SNP identification, data mining, figure generation, pathway analysis and custom software designs.

The mBIO local installation of GALAXY Slipstream server for UT investigators to use at no charge. Please contact Dr. Johnson to acquire an account for GALAXY.

The mBIO core maintains four AMD 16-core blade servers to provide the computational power needed to handle the terabytes of sequencing data that is generated at UTHSC every year. The mBIO Core also provides workshops and hands-on training for PIs, post-docs, and UT students who are interested in the software, analysis, and statistics needed to perform bioinformatics analysis.

mBio server image

mBio server image

May 26, 2022