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Clinical Trials Governance Board

The Clinical Trials Governance Board oversees clinical research studies at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

In keeping with the institution's mission of health care, education, and the advancement of knowledge, the office provides centeralized support and resources to research personnel.

About the UTHSC Clinical Trials Governance Board

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center Clinical Trials Governance Board (CTGB) is designed to facilitate knowledge and opportunity to participate in a premier research program for human subjects research within a large federated network system created to support and facilitate the conduct and execution of clinical trials throughout the region. We offer numerous services for both the aspiring and established investigator and their programs, including participation in a federated integrated model with common support in biomedical informatics, contracts and budgeting, education and training, regulatory services, coordinator and laboratory services, and financial and personnel management. Our objective is to provide research services to all network affiliated investigators, and to allow for individualized investigator and program development while integrating and capitalizing on shared resources for all.



The goal of the Clinical Research Governance Board is to illustrate a path forward for collaboration and participation of investigators in the clinical research mission of UTHSC. The CTGB website details currently available services and domains in which to realize a wide variety of potential clinical research projects including the development and maintenance of a state-wide clinical research network. There exists current expertise in Industry-Sponsored Research, Translational and Federally Funded Research, Epidemiologic and Investigator-Initiated Research, Pediatric Research and Dental Research, with imminent areas of expertise in Nursing and Pharmacy Research. Shared resources and synergies exist between these domains and may be used by interested investigators or broader research programs to take advantage of services offered through the federated program. Such services include:

  • Study development support
  • Subject recruitment support
  • Study design and biostatistics support
  • Contract and budget support
  • Database building and informatics
  • Investigator education
  • Subject tracking and invoicing support
  • Medical writing support
  • Network collaboration processes
  • External program development

The existence of this federated model serves as the main mechanism by which UTHSC can achieve its research mission- to create and sustain cultures of clinical investigation that benefits investigators, research subjects, and the myriad of patients that will ultimately benefit from results of clinical research.

Clinical Trial Plan for Patients Requiring Hospital Level Services at UTHSC-Memphis

Approved May 14, 2019 by the UTHSC Chancellor, this plan is for coverage of inpatient studies conducted by UTHSC investigators. Such a plan was designed to best meet the needs of our faculty conducting trials that require an inpatient component. This plan was prepared with input from all the members of the CTGB, which includes representatives from all UTHSC campuses and colleges conducting clinical research as well as faculty stakeholders.

Read the Plan

Last Published: May 20, 2019