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Plough Center for Sterile Drug Delivery Solutions

Our mission is to help patients by expediting efforts to bring innovative, life-saving medicines to market.

We stand at the forefront of quality, capability, flexibility, adaptability and client satisfaction, helping universities, scientific communities and industries deliver therapeutic advances to market that will improve the standard of care. 

The Plough Center Difference

  • Approximately 3,900 Sq. Ft. of Cleanroom Facility to Support All Stages
  • Well Qualified Ph.D. Level Operators Behind Fill Lines/ Compounding
  • Pharma Industry Experienced Leadership Behind Quality Operations
  • State-of-the-art Barrier/Isolator Technology for Sterile Fill/finish
  • Novel Formulation Platform for Nanoemulsions & Nanosuspensions
  • Independent Analytical Services
  • Designated Waters Corporation’s Center of Excellence for Demonstration
  • Customer Oriented Team with Flexibility, Affordability, Adaptability & Quality

Plough Center exterior

Plough Center Legacy Includes:

  • All Operations, Documentation & Policies Compliant with US-FDA cGMP
  • Sterile Liquid Vials
  • Prefilled Syringes
  • Ampoules
  • Lyophilized Vials
  • Kits with Ready to Use Diluents for Reconstitution
  • Cytotoxics & Highly Potent Compounds
  • Liposome Encapsulation Technology
  • Injectable/ Infusible Nanoemulsions & Nanosuspensions
  • Sterile Ophthalmic Formulations
  • Single Use Quality Component Fill-Finish Technologies
  • Isolator Technology for Aseptic Processing
  • Terminal Sterilization
  • Flexible Bio-manufacturing Solutions
  • QbD Process Development & Optimization
  • Process Validation & Tech Transfer
  • Early and Late Stage Drug Development
  • Clinical Batch Manufacturing
  • Partnership Opportunities for Virtual/Start-up/Orphan Drug Companies
  • Release Testing Analytical Services
  • Analytical Method Development & Validation
  • Drug Substance (API) and Drug Product Stability Studies
May 26, 2022