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Current Residents


resident imageWilliam Clinkscales, MD

Dr. Clinkscales's Bio

Hometown:  Sumter, SC
Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine
Fun Facts: Playing my fiddle, drawing, ceramics, bike rides with my family
What do you like about our program? Hospital Diversity, Attending Support 
What do you like about Memphis? The Memphis Zoo, live music venues, Shelby Farms Park, Civil Rights Museum, food scene, sunsets on the Mississippi 
Why did you choose Memphis? Growing department, diverse hospital experience, friendly atmosphere 

resident imageKevin Coughlin, MD

Dr. Coughlin's Bio
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Undergraduate: Davidson College
Medical School: Florida State University College of Medicine
Fun Facts: I love a good espresso, hiking, biking, Tampa Bay Lightning hockey, Formula 1 Racing, and traveling with my wife.
What do you like about our program? The camaraderie and copious surgical exposure set UTHSC apart from other programs.
What do you like about Memphis? Blues and BBQ (and other great food + brews) 
Why did you choose Memphis? Fast paced growth of the department was inspiring.

resident imageSamuel Dudley, MD

Dr. Dudley's Bio
Hometown: Fostoria, Michigan
Undergraduate: Brigham Young University
Medical School: Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
Fun Facts: I enjoy playing the piano, tennis, volleyball, mountain biking, traveling. My wife and I have two small children. 
What do you like about our program? We have the best residents who support each other and are fun to work with. We experience a variety of hospital settings. 
What do you like about Memphis? I like the weather and the parks.
Why did you choose Memphis? The residents were very close knit and friendly and down to earth.

resident image
Luke Miller, MD

Dr. Miller's Bio
Hometown: Barrington, Illinois 
Undergraduate: University of Illinois at Chicago
Medical School: Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science
Fun Facts: I’m from the Chicago area and most of my family is there. I enjoy piano, following wresting and Memphis bbq .
What do you like about our program? It is rewarding to take care of our patient population in Memphis and surrounding area. There is a great breadth of pathology with hands on training.
What do you like about Memphis? I enjoy living on Mud Island and running on the river path as well as all the restaurants downtown.
Why did you choose Memphis? I enjoyed my interview experience with supportive faculty and tight knit residents.


resident imageMichael Bone, MD

Dr. Bone's Bio
Hometown: Augusta, Georgia
Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical School: Medical College of Georgia at August University
Fun Facts: I am the youngest of five siblings, and the first physician in my family. I grew up playing soccer/basketball/baseball, and am a huge self-loathing Georgia football/Atlanta falcons/Braves fan. My wife and I have a cat and a dog, Tucker and Winnie, who are both very spoiled. My wife was born and raised in Memphis, and is one of the clinical ICU pharmacists at Methodist University. She helps with our patients frequently. We enjoy trying new restaurants, hanging out with her family, and vacationing to random fun places when we can.
What do you like about our program? We have the opportunity to train amongst an underserved population, and truly help people in need. We see a very wide range of pathology as we draw from a very large surrounding area. The faculty here are excited to teach and Dr. Gillespie is always looking for ways to improve our training. Our training has improved significantly since I started thanks to constant recruiting of new faculty. The residents support each other and hang out together frequently outside of work.
What do you like about Memphis? Memphis is the greatest city in the world according to my wife. But really many people love this city and are proud to live here despite what is depicted in the media at times. The city has a small town feel and traffic is rarely bad. Cost of living has increased similar to other cities, but Memphis is still much more affordable than most of the other cities associated with ENT programs. Also the food, which is delicious.
Why did you choose Memphis? The early operative experience and autonomy provided here. We seem to have more hands on experience compared to some of the other programs we interact with at courses. My in-laws living here was obviously a big influence as well. 

resident imageWalter Humann, MD

Dr. Humann's Bio
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Undergraduate: University of Texas – Austin
Medical School: University of Texas – San Antonio
Fun Facts: Enjoy Memphis food scene (especially charcuterie) and breweries with my wife and dog
What do you like about our program? Early operative experience, resident camaraderie, staff with a passion for teaching, diversity of clinical atmospheres
What do you like about Memphis? Excellent recreation (sports, concerts, festivals) and food, all of which can be afforded on a resident salary (low COL), very reasonable commute to all hospitals
Why did you choose Memphis? Excellent clinical and surgical training, close knit resident family, staff with a passion for resident education and mentorship 

resident imageMadison Lampkin, MD

Dr. Lampkin's Bio
Hometown: Fort Smith, AR
Undergraduate: Southern Methodist University
Medical School: University of Arkansas
Fun Facts: These are a few of my favorite things - spending time with my family, Diet Coke, dogs, Peloton, and recreational sleeping
What do you like about our program? Early operative experience as well as diversity of pathology are major aspects of our program that make for excellent surgical training. The faculty are very involved in our education and development as surgeons and people. I feel that this program cares about me not only as a surgical resident but as a person. Such a culture leads to better patient care, learning, teaching and overall growth.
What do you like about Memphis? It is a big city that hasn’t lost a sense of “small town” community. There is always something to do here! There are excellent restaurants and micro-breweries as well as outdoor recreational activities such as horseback riding and kayaking at Shelby Farms.
Why did you choose Memphis? The collegial and warm culture of the department was a major reason I chose to train in Memphis.

resident image
Tate Naylor, MD

Dr. Naylor's Bio
Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Undergraduate: Furman University
Medical School: University of Tennessee
Fun Facts: Pets: Grimm (irish setter/poodle)
Hobbies: golf, fitness, amateur gardener
BBQ Fest Team: Snoutkast
What do you like about our program? Broad experience at multiple hospital systems, resident autonomy, strong operative training, close knit family of residents that work well with each other.
What do you like about Memphis? Memphis has more to offer than is advertised. It has multiple neighborhoods with different cultures and communities that are fun and interesting to explore. There is no shortage of things to do between the music, breweries, restaurants, historical spots, and close access to outdoor activities. The May Festival season with Music Fest and BBQ Fest are personal favorites.
Why did you choose Memphis? Diverse training opportunities, location, and the camaraderie of the residents


resident imageDeeyar Itayem, MD

Dr. Itayem's Bio
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate: Georgetown University
Medical School: Mayo Clinic
Fun Facts: I enjoy spending time outdoors, at the gym, and erging. Weekends with family cooking authentic Palestinian food is the best!
What do you like about our program? The residents make this program! Very smart, down-to-earth, and funny group of people to work with. Numerous hospitals to give you a taste of the diverse practice settings include private practice office.
What do you like about Memphis? The many restaurants to explore, the dozens of trails and parks, the sunset along the Mississippi river, the lack of traffic, the diverse living options, and the ease of getting home to the suburbs to see my family.
Why did you choose Memphis? My family was a big draw to Memphis on top of the many program attributes. I missed celebrating my siblings' birthdays and home-cooked Palestinian foods. But honestly the residents were the main reason I chose Memphis for residency. The close-knit group from all classes hung out often, explored the city together, and biked together. What a great way to get through residency in solidarity!

resident imageLauren Linker, MD

Dr. Linker's Bio
Hometown: Euclid, OH
: Ohio State University
Medical School: University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences
Fun Facts: I grew up outside of Cleveland, OH and yes, I am a Cleveland Browns fan. I was raised as an OSU Buckeyes fan and went there for college, but somehow ended up engaged to a Michigan Wolverines fan. When I'm not working, I like to try new restaurants and bars in town, visit any of the numerous local breweries with friends, acquire new plants, cook, and Peloton. I live on Mud Island and love being close to downtown and watching sunsets over the Mississippi River. 
What do you like about our program? My favorite aspect of our program is my co-residents. Since I knew that I could be moving far from home for residency, it was important to me that I join a program that would feel like my second family. We have a great mixture of backgrounds, personalities, and interests amongst our residents. Whether it's pot luck dinners, birthday parties, weddings, or holidays, we always find ways to spend time together outside of work and support each other. I also appreciate that over the course of five years of training here, we are exposed to a wide variety of patients and clinical scenarios that make us well-rounded surgeons.
What do you like about Memphis? I love that Memphis is a good sized city with tons of history, music, and culture. As someone who had never lived outside of Ohio prior to moving here, I found the move to be an easy adjustment, as the city was welcoming and easy to navigate. We have the Grizzlies, Redbirds, 901 FC, and University of Memphis teams. Have I mentioned the world famous BBQ? There's always something going on and I am slowly working my way through my Memphis bucket list!
Why did you choose Memphis? I chose Memphis because when I did my away rotation here as a fourth-year medical student, I felt very welcomed by the faculty and staff. There was great camaraderie amongst the residents and I loved that they were genuinely friends outside of the hospital. The department is also balanced with fellowship-training subspecialists and the surgical training is strong. I knew that by the end of my five years here, I would be more than a competent surgeon and could pursue a fellowship if desired.

resident imageKate Ramsey, MD

Dr. Ramsey's Bio
Hometown: Ruston, LA
Undergraduate: Louisiana Tech University
Medical School: Louisiana State University
Fun Facts: My husband and I have been married for 5 years. We enjoy camping, hiking, and flying airplanes. Chocolate chip cookies are a weakness of mine and on off days I like to nap and read historical fiction books. 
What do you like about our program? This program has an incredible group of residents which really drew me in. I also appreciate the large volume of patients we see and operate on due to being at many different hospital systems. 
What do you like about Memphis? Memphis has the best live music, barbecue, and a good amount of outdoor biking and running trails.
Why did you choose Memphis? I did an away rotation with this program and really appreciated the cohesiveness of the residents and the operative volume. My brother also survived pediatric cancer at St. Jude's so Memphis has always felt like a second home in many ways.

resident image
Stephen White, MD

Dr. White's Bio
Hometown: Roswell, Georgia
Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical School: Augusta University
Fun Facts: I enjoy live music, hiking, traveling, reading, and checking out new restaurants and breweries with friends.
What do you like about our program? There is a strong camaraderie amongst residents. We are fortunate to train within a variety of hospital settings resulting in exposure to a significant variety of pathology encompassing all aspects of ENT. We get early hands-on and operative experience.
What do you like about Memphis? Memphis is an easy and affordable city to live and get around in while still offering a wide variety of recreational activities, entertainment, food, and cultural attractions to enjoy. There is also a unique cohesive feel and soul to the city which is cool to be apart of.
Why did you choose Memphis? I chose Memphis because of the great group of residents, robust operative experience, exposure to a wide variety of pathology, all with the opportunity to live in a historic, fun, and affordable city like Memphis.


resident imageJordan Luttrell, MD

Dr. Luttrell's Bio
Hometown: Murray, Kentucky
Undergraduate: Lipscomb University
Medical School: UTHSC
Fun Facts: A few of my favorite things include spending time with my husband, our two chocolate labs, hiking and camping, renovation projects around the house, Mexican food, and watching football.
What do you like about our program? I chose this program for the people. The program itself is incredibly collegial and supportive. I watched how the residents work hard, make sacrifices for one another, but also encourage a healthy balance. The faculty care about training excellent otolaryngologists, but also about developing your character and compassion. The patient population is unique in that you see more pathology than you could imagine, work with all levels of socioeconomic status, but in return, offer so much gratitude for your participation in their care.
What do you like about Memphis? Memphis is a place with a deep history but an exciting future. There is a lot of brokenness and poverty, and it’s not really a place where you can just ignore that and live in a suburb. You will get to interact with and be challenged by all walks of life from patients, to support staff, to restaurant employees. The patient population is very genuine, and come in with real issues and are in desperate need of help. Learning medicine here has made me more aware of and passionate about the whole picture of a patient- background, family support, housing situation, food access, education level, etc. The city is easy to live in and affordable, but still has the population and referral base to support multiple hospitals and great education. Outside of the hospital, the food is amazing, activities engaging, and ample community to plug into. There is a lot of ongoing development that has been fun to be a part of! 
Why did you choose Memphis? As I went to medical school here and after doing several away rotations, I was confident that I wanted to train in a place like UTHSC. There is high volume, complex pathology, hands on training to be had and the graduating residents showed the results of this. The program is growing and developing into a top notch otolaryngology program with both general and specialty experience. I chose this for the people here and the way they treated one another. I also have a wonderful community in Memphis of family and friends that really encourage me on a day to day basis.

resident imageAndrew Maroda, MD

Dr. Maroda's Bio
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Fun Facts: I have an incredible wife, two sons, and we have another baby on the way! I love playing and watching almost any type of sport, being active outside, fishing, and woodworking. Music makes me happy, and I have an ongoing playlist for the OR. We love to travel, and I hope to integrate international service work into my future practice. 
What do you like about our program? UTHSC ENT is very dynamic in serving diverse patient populations across multiple hospitals. We get excellent operative and sub specialty exposure from day one. The resident culture here is incredibly fun, supportive, and family-friendly. We love being together and always have each other’s backs!
What do you like about Memphis? Food, sports, music, tons of activities and outdoor spaces, affordable living, world-class entertainment, great schools, family support, diversity, and friendly community.
Why did you choose Memphis? I believe in the city, its growth, it’s challenges, and it’s future. Memphis has a rich history and it’s an honor to be part of the story. UTHSC does an excellent job at equipping us to serve our patients well and to solve difficult problems.

resident imageJeffrey May, MD

Dr. May's Bio
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Undergraduate: Hendrix College
Medical School: University of Oklahoma College of Medicine
Fun Facts: I like to work on cars and race autocross. My wife Hannah and I have two rescue dogs, Rusty and Bandit!
What do you like about our program? I love the camaraderie of the residents, who are great teachers and colleagues as well.
What do you like about Memphis? I love the diverse culture of the city. There are several beautiful historical areas and tons of delicious places to eat!
Why did you choose Memphis? I wanted a larger residency program and to also be closer to home. Having been born in Memphis and spending a few years growing up in a small town north of the city, coming back to memphis felt like coming home.

resident imageJames Tansey, MD

Dr. Tansey's Bio
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate: Christian Brother’s University
Medical School: UTHSC
Fun Facts: I am a born and raised Memphian. I married my high school sweetheart, Emily Anne. We have two children, Rett and Charlotte. I spend my time outside of work spending time with family, serving in my church and playing golf. I am also an avid Memphis Grizzlies and Florida State fan.
What do you like about our program? I enjoy the diversity of experience that we receive with our training and the different hospital exposures. I also like the support that I receive from my co residents and attendings.
What do you like about Memphis? Memphis is a great city that is growing. Many new businesses and restaurants are migrating to Memphis. Memphis is a great city to raise a family.
Why did you choose Memphis? I chose Memphis because I saw how great of a program it was as a medical student. I knew I would receive early operative exposure. Furthermore I knew I would have fantastic operative education that would prepare me well as an Otolaryngologist. Lastly, I chose Memphis for the strong pediatric ent experience.


resident imageMeredith Allen, MD

Dr. Allen's Bio
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
: University of Florida
Medical School: Oakland University
Fun Facts: I'm 1/2 Greek, I love to travel (my favorite place I've ever been is Lisbon), I'm a fan of any and all Detroit sports teams, I'm addicted to my Peloton, I enjoy moving to new cities and meeting new people (I've lived in 5 different cities in the last 5 years), in my free time I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to see live music, and trying new bars/restaurants in whatever city I'm in.
What do you like about our program? The faculty and residents at UT were my favorite group of people I interviewed with and the ones I felt I fit in with the most. All of the faculty trained at incredible institutions and residents go on to practice all over the country. I also liked the idea of practicing in a city with a similar size/population/demographic makeup as my hometown of Detroit. I knew training in Memphis I would get a diverse patient care experience and receive very well-rounded and high quality training.
What do you like about Memphis? I like that it is a medium sized city that has plenty of things to do but I don't feel overwhelmed. It feels very similar to my hometown of Detroit.
Why did you choose Memphis? My brother has lived in Nashville for 6 years, so my family and I spend a lot of time in Tennessee. Memphis is only a short drive away, so the location close to family was also a big selling point for me.

resident imageNick Bosworth, MD

Dr. Bosworth's Bio
Hometown: Cleveland, MS
Undergraduate: Mississippi State University
Medical School: University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC)
Fun Facts: My wife and I both grew up in the nearby Mississippi Delta. She is an assistant teacher at the Memphis Oral School for the Deaf. We have two dogs that think Shelby Farms Park is heaven on earth; they have really enjoyed our move to Memphis. I like to spend most of my time outdoors when away from the hospital. 

Hunting and Fishing, Bird Dog Training, Tennis, St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, Cooking, Gardening, Woodworking
What do you like about our program? Genuine camaraderie among residents, Large clinical / surgical volume, Experience gained from rotating at numerous hospitals.
What do you like about Memphis? Memphis Grizzlies basketball, Memphis Redbirds AAA baseball, Live music and nightlife, Lots of great restaurants and food (the best BBQ obviously), Shelby Farms Park
Why did you choose Memphis? Great training, Exposure to varied pathology, Diverse patient population with significant healthcare needs, Le Bonheur and St. Jude Children's hospitals, Close to family and friends

resident imageOkenwa Okose, MD

Dr. Okose's Bio
Hometown: Houston, Texas/Anambra,Nigeria
Undergraduate: Texas A&M University
Medical School: Texas A&M Health Science Center
Fun Facts: Anime, Seinfeld, Larry David, Cooking, Working out, Reading, Sleeping, Sleeping
What do you like about our program? Early operative exposure, Supportive faculty and residents
What do you like about Memphis? The Trees
Why did you choose Memphis? Patient Population, opportunity to serve underprivileged communities. Exposure to diverse, complex pathology and surgical cases

resident imageLauren Reid, MD

Dr. Reid's Bio
Hometown: Milton, GA
Undergraduate: University of Georgia
Medical School: Augusta University
Fun Facts: I love hiking, camping, and exploring new restaurants. I have a passion for music and can play three instruments: flute, piano, and guitar.
What do you like about our program? The faculty are genuinely invested in your training and will celebrate your successes with you. The residents are incredibly supportive and tight-knit. 
What do you like about Memphis? There are so many amazing restaurants, music venues, sports teams, and outdoor spaces to explore.
Why did you choose Memphis? I feel that Memphis provides diverse training settings and patient populations that help you become a competent and well-rounded otolaryngologist, while also providing many enjoyable things to do outside of work.
May 26, 2022