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Media Coverage

Editorial board memberships

  • Dr. Gerald Byrne serves on the Editorial Board of Infection and Immunity (1986-present)
  • Dr. Gerald Byrne serves on the Editorial Board of Cellular microbiology (2011-present)
  • Dr. Tayebeh Pourmotabbed is a member of the Reviewer Board of the Journal of Pediatric Biochemistry
  • Dr. Tayebeh Pourmotabbed serves on the Editorial Board of Journal of Cancer research and Therapy
  • Dr. Tayebeh Pourmotabbed serves on the Editorial Board of Gene Technology
  • Dr. Michael Whitt serves on the Editorial Board of Virology (2000-present)
  • Dr. Michael Whitt serves on the Editorial Board of Journal of Virology (2000-2005; 2010-present)
  • Dr. John Fain serves on the Editorial Board of Metabolism
  • Dr. Kui Li serves on the Editorial Board of PLoS ONE (2011-present)
  • Dr. Gerald Byrne servers on the Editorial Board of  Infection and Immunity (1986-present)
  • Dr. Marko Radic serves on the Editorial Board of BMC Biotechnology as Section Editor.

Highly cited manuscripts

  • Kalayoglu MV, Libby P, Byrne GI (2002) Chlamydia pneumonia as an emerging risk factor in cardiovascular disease. JAMA 288(21):2724-2731; Cited 292 times - as of 03/07/14
  • Kalayoglu MV, Byrne GI (1998) Induction of macrophage foam cell formation by Chlamydia pneumonia. JID 177(3):725-729; Cited 313 times - as of 03/07/14
  • Beatty WL, Morrison RP, Byrne GI (1994) Persistent Chlamydiae: From cell culture to a paradigm for chlamydial pathogenesis. Microbiological Reviews 58(4):686-699; cited 555 times - as of 03/07/14
  • Beatty WL, Byrne GI, Morrison RP (1993) Morphologic and antigenic characterization of interferon ?-mediated persistent Chlamydia trachomatis infection in vitro. PNAS 90(9):3998-4002; cited 396 times - as of 03/07/14
  • Radic MZ, Erikson J, Litwin S, & Weigert M (1993) B lymphocytes may escape tolerance by revising their antigen receptors. The Journal of Experimental Medicine 177(4):1165-1173; Cited by 305 – as of 11/02/2012
  • Radic MZ & Weigert M (1994) Genetic and Structural Evidence for Antigen Selection of Anti-DNA Antibodies. Annual Review of Immunology 12(1):487-520; Cited by 377 – as of 11/02/2012
  • Fain JN, Madan AK, Hiler ML, Cheema P, & Bahouth SW (2004) Comparison of the Release of Adipokines by Adipose Tissue, Adipose Tissue Matrix, and Adipocytes from Visceral and Subcutaneous Abdominal Adipose Tissues of Obese Humans. Endocrinology 145(5):2273-2282; Cited by 830 – as of 11/02/2012
  • Fain JN (2006) Release of Interleukins and Other Inflammatory Cytokines by Human Adipose Tissue Is Enhanced in Obesity and Primarily due to the Nonfat Cells. Vitamins & Hormones, ed Gerald L (Academic Press), Vol 74, pp 443-477; Cited by 281 – as of 11/02/2012

National/International Committees

  • Dr Gerald I. Byrne served as the Directors Workshop Leader at the National Biocontainment Laboratories/Regional Biocontainment Laboratories (NBL/RBL) Annual Conference, Galverston, TX, April 2013
  • Dr. Kui Li served as Session Co-Chair of the Virus-Host Interactions session (9b) and also an Abstract Reviewer for the 18th International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses in September 2011
  • Dr. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick has been named Vice Chair of the “Committee on Women and Diversity in Science”  for the Society of Leukocyte Biology (2012)
  • Dr. Marko Radic was Session Chair at the international meeting on "Anti-DNA and other Autoantibodies: Origins and Impact" held in Tromso, Norway in 2010.
  • Dr. Gerald Byrne was the Founder and President of Chlamydia Basic Research Society (2003-2005)

Reviewing activities

  • Dr. Gerald I. Byrne serves on the NIH Scientific Group ZRG1 F13-P [2005 – present (Chair 2006-2010)]
  • Dr Gerald I. Byrne serves on the NIH VMD (Charter member R01, R21, R03 applications) [2009 – present (Chair 2013 – present)]
  • Dr Gerald I Byrne served on the NIH Special Emphasis Panel ZA11-MFH-M-S# (R13 applications); Ad hoc member 2013
  • Dr Byrne serves on the VA Review Board; Ad hoc member (1992-present)
  • Dr. Michael Whitt served on NIH Virology-A Study Section: Ad hoc member (2011)
  • Dr. Michael Whitt is the top 25 reviewer for Journal of Virology (2011)
  • Dr. Michael Whitt served on NIH Special Emphasis Panel, Topics in Virology; Ad hoc member (2007-2009)
  • Dr.Maria Gomes-Solecki has been serving in the NIH/NIAID Study Section "Small Business: Non-HIV Diagnostics, Food Safety, Sterilization/Disinfection and Bioremediation Special Emphasis Panel" since 2010.
  • Dr. Gerald Byrne serves in the NIH Scientific Review Group ZRG1 F13-P [2005 – present (chair, 2006-2009)]
  • Dr. Gerald Byrne is a permanent member and chair elect of the NIH VMD study Section (2009-present)

Teaching awards

  • Dr. Michael Whitt is the finalist for the Student Government Association Executive Council (SGAEC) Excellence in Teaching Award - (2011)
  • Dr. Michael Whitt received Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Lecturer in Medical Microbiology - (2002 and 2010)


  • Dr. Tayebeh Pourmotabbed. Inhibition of tumor growth and invasion by anti-matrix metalloproteinases DNAzymes: United States Patent No. 12/390,628
May 26, 2022