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Division of Rehabilitation Sciences

The Division of Rehabilitation Sciences (RS) provides a structure for developing and facilitating College of Health Professions faculty engagement in research, clinical service, and research graduate programs. 

Each faculty with an affiliation in the Division of Rehabilitation Sciences (clinical or research) has their primary academic appointment in one of the clinical/professional departments of the College of Health Professions for purposes of promotion and/or tenure. The new Division of RS helps the with faculty growth, community interaction, and professional service.

The Division of Rehabilitation Sciences provides administrative and infrastructure support for:

  1. Administering Research Centers and core research laboratories associated with the College of Health Professions.
  2. Facilitating scientific interaction between research-intensive faculty affiliated with the division.
  3. Providing affiliated faculty structured research mentorship related to grant submissions, the generations of collaborations, and research project direction and progress.
  4. Directing the PhD track in Rehabilitation Sciences. An interdisciplinary graduate track under the Integrated Biomedical Sciences PhD program (IBSP) at UTHSC which students have a research focus that addresses questions pertinent to basic or clinical problems in rehabilitation. Students who are in the PhD in RS will work with Division of RS faculty and can be affiliated with one of the centers in the Division of RS.
  5. Developing and teaching pertinent RS specific courses in this PhD track with division affiliated faculty.
  6. Providing an interdisciplinary home for the integration of clinical programs with research.

PhD Program

Now accepting applications for Fall 2020.

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Division Faculty

Stephen alway's headshot.

Stephen Alway, PhD, FACSM
Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Dean, College of Health Professions
Director, Muscle Biology and Sarcopenia Laboratory
Faculty Portfolio

Research Areas: Sarcopenia, skeletal muscle function, muscle mitochondrial dysfunction, muscle atrophy, myonuclear apoptosis, and muscle hypertrophy


James Carson's headshot.

James Carson, PhD, FACSM
Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Senior Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, College of Health Professions
Chief, Division of Rehabilitation Science
Director, Integrative Muscle Biology Laboratory
Faculty Portfolio

Research Areas: Skeletal muscle wasting, cancer cachexia, chemotherapy toxicity, skeletal muscle fatigue, anabolic signaling, and sex hormone regulation of muscle mass and function


khan photo

Mohammad Moshahid Kahn, PhD
Assistant Professor, Neurology, Joint Appointment - Department of Physical Therapy
Faculty Portfolio

Research Areas: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Dystonia, DNA damage, Neuroinflammation, Oxidative stress and antioxidants, Regulation of motor function, Dementia, Ribosomal biogenesis, Long non-coding RNAs and CNS in regulation of muscle weakness.


Junaith Mohamed's headshot.

Junaith S. Mohamed, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Diagnostic and Health Sciences
Director, Muscle and Neural Laboratory
Faculty Portfolio

Research Areas: Skeletal muscle; Skeletal muscle regeneration repair and growth; Skeletal muscle atrophy; Genomics; Proteomics; Epigenetics; microRNAs; Cellular signaling pathways.



Phyllis A. Richey, PhD
Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine, Joint Appointments - Department of Physical Therapy and Department of Pediatrics
Faculty Portfolio

Research Areas: Exercise Physiology, pediatric cardiovascular physiology, delivery and assessment of healthy lifestyle interventions, physical activity, mobility, prevention and treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome


Kunal Singhal

Kunal Singhal, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Director, Movement Science Laboratory
Faculty Portfolio

Research Areas: gait biomechanics, gait neuromechanics, gender and gait, amputee adaptations, prosthetics, orthotics, sports adaptions


A headshot of Jeffrey Taylor

Jeffrey Taylor, PT, PhD, DPT, SCS, CSCS
Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy
Chair, Department of Physical Therapy
Director, Human Performance Clinical and Research Laboratory
Faculty Portfolio

Research Areas: rehabilitation, injury prevention, sports biomechanics, load monitoring, anterior cruciate ligament, knee, foot and ankle, spine

Last Published: Jan 14, 2020