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Administrative Information


 Chief Anthony Berryhill
Anthony Berryhill
Police Chief

Arley Clete Knight
Arley (Clete) Knight
Deputy Chief
Bruce Holden 
Bruce Holden
Police Lieutenant/
Field Commander

Joanne Morrow

Joanne Morrow
Police Lieutenant B-Shift
Accreditation and Clery Coordinator

UTHSC no image available

Celia Tisby
Police Detective

UTHSC no image available

Bobbie Baker
Police Dispatch Manager

Robert Harris

Robert Harris
Training Coordinator

Rachel McCrary

Rachal McCray
Police Communication Supervisor


Administrative Staff

Desirée Blaine
Administrative Coordinator to the Chief of Police

Yvonne Thomas-Harris
Senior Secretary


Dispatch - 901.448.4444

  • Marie Alexander
  • Bobbie Baker, Dispatch Manager
  • Kevin Cox
  • Anita Gordon
  • Michelle Hines
  • Ashley Hoof
  • Rachal McCray, Police Communication Supervisor



The University of Tennessee Police Department currently has two Detectives assigned to the Investigative Section. Detectives are responsible for; investigation of criminal offenses that occur on campus, interviewing involved parties, (i.e. victims, suspects and witnesses), procurement and service of warrants, conducting background investigations on new Police Department employees and Internal Affairs investigations, just to name a few. The Investigative Section is also responsible for evidence control for the entire department and for coordination of the Lost and Found items. 



Lost and Found

 Lost and found items are turned into the UTPD from various locations around campus. These items are stored for 30 days then disposed. To find out if your lost item has been turned into the UTPD.




 UTPD Investigation is available to fingerprint members of the university community (UT students, staff, and faculty) for various reasons (i.e. board applications. We DO NOT fingerprint individuals for security clearances or for immigration and naturalization purposes (only by SCSD). Please call 901-448-5679 between the hours of 8:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday - Friday to schedule an appointment. There is a $15.00 charge for 1 card and $20.00 for two cards. A photo ID is required, and individuals must provide their own fingerprint cards.



Homeland Security Postings

  1. Campus Administration has issued a warning that all campus staff, faculty and students wear their University ID at all times while on campus.
  2. Department has developed a liaison with the TN State Department of Homeland Security.
  3. Increased Patrols of sensitive areas.
  4. The Campus Disaster Manual was reviewed and updated by key University staff.
  5. Updated and Ordered Supplies and Equipment to deal with a Campus Disaster.

Last Published: Jul 29, 2021