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Anatomical Bequest Program

The Anatomical Bequest Program (ABP) at UTHSC accepts anatomical gifts to benefit the future healthcare providers of the State of Tennessee.

The thoughtfulness behind these donations has been greatly appreciated by the students and the instructors. These single acts of generosity touch the lives of so many over the course of the career of the doctors, dentists, therapists, and other practitioners. Our students and residents use the knowledge and skills they have learned to improve the quality of life of others, and thus improve society as a whole.


The Issue

Examination of the dead to gain knowledge of the living has been practiced since ancient times.

The increasing need for health care workers requires more bodies for biomedical education and research than ever before. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center needs more than 100 bodies each year to successfully train students and residents for careers in health care and biomedical research.

The Solution

The solution lies in the increasing number of people who choose to give their bodies to medical science. The state of Tennessee has enacted The Tennessee Code Title 68, Chapter 30 – Anatomical Gifts (TN Code§ 68-30), and The University of Tennessee Health Science Center operates within the framework of this law and other legislation. Every effort is made to answer a family’s questions or concerns when accepting the gift of a body.

The Decision

The decision to donate one’s body for medical teaching and research should be made only after a great deal of thought. Those considering such a donation should discuss it with family members, family physician, attorney and/or clergy. Failure to make the decision known to others may defeat all advance arrangements made by donors.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAnatomic Gift by Living Donor FormAnatomical Bequest Program Brochure

Anatomical Bequest Program Director

Jay Callaway, PhD

For Information

For information during 8:00 am – 5:00 pm business hours, please call 901.448.5978 or 901.448.5965.

To inform us of the death of a registered donor, please call 901.448.5978 during business hours or 901.448.2640 nights and weekends.

Apr 4, 2023