Star Achievement Certification

2013 Star Class Schedule coming soon!


The Star Achievement Series® is a training program developed by the Founder and CEO of Office Dynamics, Ltd, Joan Burge. Joan is an author and national corporate trainer with over 25 years of experience in the administrative and training profession. She drew on her extensive career as an executive assistant in the design of this certification.

The philosophy behind Star Achievement® is that it takes a combination of skills, attitude, teamwork and strategies to stay on the cutting edge.

"Every person [has] the potential to be a star performer at work. Star performers are professionals who continually seek new ways of doing things, create better techniques to improve their performance, and realize that they are on a journey that never ends. They know that who they are today is not all they are capable of becoming"-Joan Burge. This certification builds on the skill, attitude, teamwork and strategy fundamentals that result in increased productivity and job satisfaction among office professionals.

Response to levels 1 and 2 of the Star Achievement Series® has been outstanding with over 90 employees earning the certification in one or both levels. The 2010 graduating class is featured in the January/February 2011 edition of The Record.

Level 3 Offered in 2012!

We are pleased to offer level 3 of Star Achievement® beginning in Fall 2012. Completion of Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2, which is a prerequisite of Level 3. Dates and registration fees are outlined on the registration forms.

Please complete the registration form below for departmental approval and register on the HR Training Calendar. *Please note that only the first module of each level will be listed on the training calendar under the Clerical/Administrative category.

LEVEL 1 Brochure Registration Starts January 27, 2012
LEVEL 2 Brochure Registration Starts July 13, 2012
LEVEL 3 Brochure Registration Starts October 5, 2012

Don't miss this opportunity to begin or continue your journey to Star Achievement®!

Utilize the Career Development Fund

The Career Development Fund (CDF) is a program available for non-exempt staff and provides up to a $200 reimbursement for job and career-related activities per fiscal year. Employees can use the CDF to reimburse their departments for participation in Star Achievement®. Please read the CDF guidelines to see if you are eligible.