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Human Resources Training

Training Mission

The mission of training at the UT Health Science Center is to strengthen and support the professional and personal growth of its employees. The goal of our training program is to empower employees to gain knowledge and awareness of services, policies, goals and practices. Through training, UTHSC employees enrich their skills, achieve excellence, and add value to the university at many levels.

Training News

2015 Training Catalog

  1. Training classes and special events offered by the Human Resources Department are outlined in the 2015 training catalog. Classes include training focused on employment, benefits, retirement, personal finance, and professional development. Additionally, a significant number of classes have been developed for managers and supervisors.
  2. Registration for classes without a registration fee should be done through the training portal. A registration form with departmental approval must be submitted to the training department via email to or; fax to 901-448-7497; or campus mail to 910 Madison, Ste. 722 - Attention: Training Department.

Franklin Covey Programs Return!
Registration Extended until Thursday, January 15!

The Human Resources Department is pleased to offer the newly updated 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature 4.0 and The 5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity from Franklin Covey in January 2015. Visit the 7 Habits homepage and 5 Choices homepage for full details.

Administrative Professionals begin the new year by sharpening your skills and raising your game! The Star  Achievement program resumes on January 23, 2015. Classes will be held once per month for three months. Visit the Star Achievement homepage for details.

Personal Finance Series Resumes

This year the personal finance series will focus on helping individuals to free up money within their existing budgets by exploring couponing as a money-saving strategy. Based upon various responsibilities many individuals are not in a position to increase income by working a second job. The series is designed to provide information about couponing strategies and store coupon policies so that each person can make informed decisions about whether this could benefit them and their families. In addition to the couponing series, the UT Federal Credit Union will provide a class on reducing debt. Visit the Personal Finance homepage for details.

Training Calendar and Course Registration

View a full listing of training classes and register online.

Training News

Policy HR128

The University administration's support for the benefits of training is clear in UT policy HR0128 - Human Resources Development. It states:

"The University of Tennessee believes the professional development and training of its employees are central to the university's mission, vision, and values. The head of each campus or institute is responsible for ensuring that individual and departmental training needs are met. The Office of Employee and Organizational Development will assist campus and institute officers (or designees) with assessing needs and providing training or other appropriate services to meet individual and departmental goals. Professional development and training should be planned individually during the employee's annual performance review. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to support employees' participation in a minimum of 32 hours of training and development activities per year".

The recommendation of 32 hours of training and professional development each calendar year is an attainable goal. The goal can be easily reached with a combination of training opportunities both on and off campus. Acceptable options include on-campus classroom training, online computer-based training; off-site classes and seminars; webinars, conferences, etc. Please visit the training calendar for upcoming opportunities on campus.

HR128 Credit

Credit for classes completed on campus is applied to employee records by the department offering the class.

Credit for customized departmental training and outside seminars, and/or conferences will be issued upon request. Simply complete the Request for Additional Training Credit formAdobe PDF and submit it along with the class brochure/flyer and roster to the HR Training Department - 910 Madison, Suite 722 for processing.