Applicant Tracking System

Improving Job Search and Hiring Processes

Is there anything more frustrating for a job seeker than applying for a position that has already been filled? Or finding the perfect candidate and learning a lengthy hiring process led the candidate to accept another offer?

Recruiting and retaining a talented workforce are critical to the University’s success, and an up-to-date and effective hiring system is a good place to start.

Plans are in the works to implement software to enhance the job search, application and hiring processes for all staff positions across the University.

Coming in January

The new system will launch on Jan. 18, 2012, and training is scheduled for employees involved in the recruiting and hiring processes on the following dates and times:

Training Dates and Registration

  • Monday, January 9: 9:00A – 10:00A
  • Wednesday, January 11: 9:00A – 10:00A
  • Thursday, January 12: 11:00A – 12:00P
  • Friday, January 13: 10:00A – 11:00A
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Additional Information

The new applicant tracking system will integrate job postings across the University into one, easy-to-navigate database with search features allowing customized queries by job function, geographic region and campus or institute. Other employers using the same system include Georgia Tech, Cornell and Purdue universities, Target and Hilton Hotels.

Current and prospective employees will find it easier to search open positions, upload required materials and submit employment forms after accepting a position. Job postings also will be removed automatically once positions are filled.

Staff tasked with filling positions will find it easier to post jobs, search applicant materials and request and receive necessary approvals from HR throughout the hiring process.

The new system will allow staff to review important hiring trends such as time-to-fill and diversity metrics and analysis of why applicants decline job offers to better identify areas needing attention.

Look for more information to come soon, and contact or the HR Call Center at (888) 444-UTHR with questions in the meantime.