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Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan vision Campus Master Plan current plan Institutional Partners Diagram


Perkins + Will has been commissioned to complete the Campus Master Plan. An Executive Committee as well as a Working Committee have been established to assist in the important endeavor.

In addition, an array of stakeholders will be involved in the planning process including UTHSC faculty, staff and students; local health care industry partners, higher education partners; and high-profile government, business and community organizations including city and county public officials.

 Perkins + Will

Since 1935, Perkins + Will has created innovative and award-winning designs for the world’s most forward-thinking clients. Team members have various backgrounds including architects, interior designers, urban designers, landscape architects, consultants, and branded environment experts. These individuals approach design from all scales and perspectives and are engaged, accessible, and collaborative.

Perkins + Will were awarded the contract for the two year Master Plan after completion of the RFP process and approval of the State Building Commission.

Individual Biographies

UTHSC Committee Members

Executive Committee Members
  • Dr. Steve Schwab - Chancellor & Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Ken Brown — Executive Vice Chancellor & Chief Operating Officer
  • Anthony Ferrara - Chief Financial Officer
  • Dr. Cheryl Scheid - Chief Academic Officer
  • Dr. David Stern - Chief Clinical Officer
  • Dr. Lawrence Pfeffer - Chief Research Officer (interim)
  • Jan Van der Aa - Chief Information Officer
  • Dr. George Cook - President of the Faculty Senate
Working Committee Members
  • Steve Tom - Director, Space Planning & Utilization
  • Emile David, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Administration
  • Ken Bradshaw - Director, Architecture and Planning
  • Billy Hatcher - Director, IT Infrastructure Network
  • Debbie L. Smith - Associate Vice Chancellor, Research Administration
  • Teresa Hartnett - Director, Admin College of Medicine
  • Tony Hopson - Director, Real Property & Space Administration
  • Andrea Kolen - Coordinator, Office of Space Planning and Utilization


Project Information

To view campus infrastructure maps please contact Facilities Administration and speak with Carla Griffin at (901) 448-5507. Appointments will be available Monday-Wednesday from 9AM to 11 AM at the following location:

Facilities Administration
201 East Street Suite 104
Memphis, TN 38163

Proposers may take notes but will not be allowed to make copies or reproductions of maps and other data provided.

Last Published: Jul 13, 2017