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Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion

The Office of Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion serves the University of Tennessee Health Science Center students through services and resources to enhance learning, coping and student performance.

Ways to cope with Being Remote

 “In January, a national survey found that 79 percent of Gen Zers, 71 percent of millennials and 50 percent of baby boomers feel lonely. Even without the coronavirus keeping us apart, it seems the majority of the population suffers from poor social health.” (

Pumping Up Social Health to Reduce Stress

  1. Connect at the same level as you would do if you were on campus. Recommendation: use video-chat over messaging or calling.
    1. Face-to-face from afar. Keep up with the relationships you already have in your class or within your college/program. Interact with them every day even if you set up a time to group chat during lunch or breaks.
    2. With friends, family, groups, etc. – Same approach. Keep up the connections. These are the fuel that assist us in keeping going. They are our cheerleaders.
  2. Reduce stress with gratitude. Send a quick email or message to someone who in the past months, semester, or time at UTHSC, who you appreciate. Gratefulness has been shown to be as impactful for the sender as the receiver.
  3. Reach out to someone on campus. Offices will be open. In SASSI, staff including educational specialists, disability coordinator, and counselors can meet online or over the phone. Tutoring will be scheduled as usual. To meet with one of us, just go online or call the front desk at 901 448-5056. Missing Ms. Sandra or Alexis at the front desk? Just send an email link to video chat to and say “hello.”
  4. Feeling additional stress or anxiety around the Coronavirus, find science-based strategies here to help with coping: 
  5. Also, as a reminder, the SASSI after-hours counseling phone is 901.690.2273. If you are concerned about yourself or another student, please share that concern here so that we can reach out.
  6. Please note other resources on and off campus here. These include counseling support, 24-hour hotline numbers, links for issues such as sleep, self-injury, anxiety, wellness, etc. along with links for counseling according to your insurance provider.


The Mission of the Office of Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion (SASSI) is to provide quality programming, services, and resources to assist students in adjusting to the emotional, academic, social and physical demands of the health science curricula and health care professions. Through SASSI methods, resources, and techniques, the environment is enriched to support adjustment, coping, learning and performance. SASSI services target accessibility, engagement, learning, prevention, counseling, case management and connection to promote a diverse and inclusive environment for all students.

SASSI services are available to all UTHSC students free of charge.


Meet the Assistant Vice Chancellor

Kathy Gibbs

Kathy Gibbs, is the assistant vice chancellor of Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion. She has served a leadership role in SASSI since 2000.


Last Published: Apr 19, 2021