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Requesting a Grant Extension

No-cost extensions of the final year of most PHS grants can be accomplished through internal institutional approvals.

A PI can request an extension of a grant by writing the Office of Sponsored Projects (accounting). The letter should state the reason for the request, length of the extension, and whether the PI is requesting funds to be carried over into the extended grant period. The PI should work with his or her departmental business manager to prepare the letter, which should be signed by the PI, department chair, and dean.

Extensions of grants from sponsors other than PHS sponsors and for grants for which we do not have "expanded authority" as indicated on the notice of award require a letter of request to the sponsor. The letter should be signed by the PI, department chair, dean, and Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations. The letter is prepared in the department and forwarded to Sponsored Projects (accounting) for approval and signature by the Vice Chancellor.

May 26, 2022