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Fringe Benefits Rates

The current estimated fringe benefit rates the Health Science Center are listed below:

  • TIAA/CREF & TCRS: 33.80%
  • JCRS-A: 40.85% Note: Research Administration (x5587) has a list of people on JCRS-A

Fringe benefit costs cover the University's cost for FICA, worker's compensation, unemployment benefits, and contributions to retirement and health insurance. Actual costs per person vary depending upon type of insurance coverage selected, type of retirement plan, and salary; figures are approximate, based on averages. These estimates are based on actual costs in recent years.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Cost Element
  • FICA 07.65%
  • Worker's Compensation 0.25%
  • Est. Avg. Health Insurance 13.85%
  • Retirement
  • TIAA/CREF & TCRS 10.30%
  • JCRSA 17.35%
  • Unemployment 0.10%
  • Staff Tuition 0.15%
  • Longevity Pay 1.50%

These fringe benefit rates should be used in preparing grant and contract budgets. Fringes are calculated on salaries and longevity pay.

If actual rates are needed (e.g., for federal contract proposals), please contact the Payroll Office or the Office of Finance and Operation.

May 26, 2022