Submitting Final Reports

The University and PI are responsible for submitting required reports to sponsors of funded research projects.

  1. Final progress reports.  The PI is responsible for preparing the final report of scientific/technical results of the project. Generally, no form is required; the report is typed and submitted to the funding agency, with a copy to the Office of Research Administration (ORA). For NIH grants, the final progress report can be submitted via eRA Commons under the closeout function. For NIH grants, please see additional instructions here:
  2. Final invention reports.  Federal grants, and some non-federal grants, require a final invention report.  For NIH grants, the final invention report can be submitted via eRA Commons under the closeout function.  The PI should start the report, and the ORA will verify and submit it.  For other sponsors, the PI should work with ORA to determine what format is required.
  3. Final financial reports.  Final financial reports are prepared by the Office of Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) and are submitted to sponsors as required by the award document.  The PI and departmental business manager must ensure that all costs have been processed and charged to the appropriate account at the end of the project so that the final financial report can be prepared by the SPA.  

For most federal projects, final reports are due to the sponsor within ninety (90) days after the end of the final project period. If the project is federal flow-through funding from another entity, UTHSC will generally have only forty-five (45) days after the end of the final project period to complete its reporting requirements.