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"The faculty are engaged and interested in the students. The variety in the backgrounds and interests of the students in the program was very useful and helped with seeing the various uses for epidemiology."

"This program has provided me with valuable information to work better as a clinical investigator. I have a much better insight into the planning and design of clinical studies, writing grant proposals and analyzing the data collected. During the course of the program, a student is also exposed to various intellectual resources (the faculty members), many of whom continue to remain valuable advisers for projects in the future."

"Strengths: Excellent quality of teaching, both inside and outside the classroom; collegial environment; well-designed curriculum with both breadth and depth; ample opportunity for independent study — I love the idea of the faculty helping students develop ideas and projects which are individually relevant, and this opportunity was presented in virtually every class."


"I am now well versed in critical review of medical literature (study design, etc.) and can be more self-sufficient when formulating research ideas and implementing them."

"The training was extremely valuable--I have used the methods and principles learned to design several clinical trials, have been able to take an educational role with colleagues in Central America, have felt more capable of communicating with the statisticians at my institution, and have assisted colleagues at other institutions with statistical analyses when they did not have ready access to a statistician. Finally, my project led to a publication."

"The program has been very useful to me in my day-to-day work. I have utilized most of the material learned in class in projects. I think there are a number of community-based agencies that would benefit from sending a staff member through the program. I would encourage anyone seeking to deepen his/her knowledge of research methodology to consider the program."

May 26, 2022