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TIP Student Assistant

The Tennessee Institutes for Pre-Professionals Program (TIP) seeks to promote and nurture underrepresented students' interest in the health professions through structured activities offered on the campus of the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center.

The Student Assistant provides general support to the program coordinators in the area of program implementation, more specifically, student assistants will:

  • Be available to begin work assignments one week prior to program “start-up” for Student Assistant Orientation, May 27-May 31.
  • Be assigned to one specific track which will require continuous availability Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm beginning June 1st and ending July 17th, unless notified otherwise.
  • Act as primary liaison between TIP students and program coordinators and/or faculty
  • Assist faculty with instructional needs (ie. copying, proctoring exams, creating presentations, errands, etc.) and other duties as needed.
  • Facilitate individual or group tutoring, as needed.
  • Monitor student progress and behavior in the classroom.
  • Provide feedback to program coordinators.
  • Assist with TIP activities including but not limited to orientation, workshops, and the closing ceremony.
  • Disseminate program changes to students utilizing various forms of communication (ie. texting and/or paper or verbal announcements)
  • Be prepared to partner with SASSI team, if needed.

Last Published: Sep 9, 2019