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Classroom Services

Classroom services are provided by both Information Technology Services and Scheduling Office staff to assist faculty, staff and students as necessary. Assistance is provided with the use of the campus instructional equipment, distribution of classroom materials, and a variety of other activities needed to insure the smooth operation of the curricular and ad hoc activities that take place within the building.

Lecture halls and small classrooms are unlocked each morning and relocked at the end of scheduled activities. In addition to providing videoconference and distance education support, the Information Technology Services staff are responsible for monitoring the classrooms on an hourly/daily basis to resolve any complaints or problems and insure that classroom equipment is in proper working order. If any urgent classroom problems arise during a class, the phone located in the front of the lecture room is a direct line to the Scheduling Office which is staffed Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and is located in room CB17, GEB.

To request space, obtain services, or to check out equipment, please contact 448-6960.

Course and Event Scheduling

The Scheduling Office located within the General Education Building is responsible for scheduling academic courses as well as events in the GEB, Coleman, and Link Buildings. Requests for the Summer/Fall term should be submitted by May 1, while requests for the Winter/Spring term should be submitted by October 1. Requests may be sent via FAX to 448-7838, Campus Mail, or email to Academic courses are given priority over ad hoc events. Non-UT events may be charged a usage fee based on space used and time the space is booked. Courses and events after hours (past 5 pm or weekends or Holidays) may be charged for the overtime pay of necessary staff.

Study Room Scheduling

Students may reserve a 2nd floor A-wing conference room for same day and/or next day use at the Scheduling Office (room CB17) in the GEB Basement. Weekend reservations will be taken on Thursdays. One member of the study group must present an ID badge for inspection at the time of the reservation. Telephone reservations WILL NOT be accepted. Conference rooms used as study rooms must be left in 'classroom ready' status. Therefore, do not leave any materials in the rooms. Items left in the rooms will be removed by the staff.

Open access study areas are available on the 2nd and 3rd floor, C-wing. SASSI has additional study rooms in the basement of the GEB.

All-purpose lockers are located in the General Education Building around the perimeter of the laboratory ("B") wing. Requests for lockers should be made at the GEB Scheduling Office, room CB17, between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Locker regulations vary from college to college. No deposits are required; however, a fee is assessed for lost keys. All students are required to return locker keys prior to graduation and/or upon request by the Scheduling Office.
Instructional Laboratories in the General Education Building are located in the B-wing. Dedicated labs serve Dental, Physical Therapy, Clinical Lab Sciences, and Pharmacy programs. Multidiscipline Laboratories have the versatility to serve the needs of all the Colleges and are used for wet labs, small group conferences, and examinations.The GEB lab staff will assist in the selection of appropriate experiments, ordering of supplies and equipment, set-up of equipment, preparation of media, stains, reagents, standards, and controls, and are available to assist the instructor with the laboratory exercise. Since several programs utilize these services it is important to convey needs and requests at least one month before the lab exercise takes place. When chemicals and reagents need to be ordered, a three-month lead time is best (suppliers have limited stock on hand when using Just-In-Time inventory control).


Last Published: Mar 22, 2019