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Student Organizations

At the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, there’s always something going on. The purpose of student organizations is to further the best interest of our students through representation in every-day matters affecting student life through leadership opportunities, community involvement, and activities.

The College of Nursing has four student organizations. The organizations include the following: Black Student Nursing Association, Nursing Student Government Association, Student Nurses Association, and the College of Nursing Honor Council. These organizations explore and support the intellectual, social, and cultural environment of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center campus. Through participation, you will gain a wealth of knowledge.


The purpose of the Nursing Student Government Association [NSGA] is to maintain and uphold the ideals and standards of the UTHSC College of Nursing, to encourage an attitude of professional responsibility, to facilitate faculty and student interaction, to act as a liaison for students with the College of Nursing faculty and administration, and to foster positive community public relations.

2016-2017 Officers:

President: Teresa Reder

Vice President: Jane Tidwell

Secretary: Allie Sparks

Treasurer: Kelsey Nollner

Social Chair: Robert Kirby

Social Chair: Clark Thompson

DNP Program Representative(Online):  Carolina Mona-Keene

DNP Program Representative (Online): Ashley Williford

DNP Program Representative (On-Campus): Wendi Koonce

DNP Program Representative (On-Campus): Alicia Scarborough

BSN Program Representative: Wesley Gray

BSN Program Representative Maggie Teed

Honor Council Chairperson: Jillian Reese Smith

NSGA Constitution

The purpose of the Student Nurses Association [SNA] is to assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide for the highest quality healthcare, provide programs of professional interest, and aid in development of the whole person. The University of Tennessee Health Science Center – College of Nursing chapter was formed in 2006. It is open to all nursing students.


President: Robert Kirby

Vice President: Rachel France

Treasurer: Emily Darby

Secretary: Lydia Reid

Media Officer: Allie Sparks

Media Officer: Nicole Beal

Project Officer: Sydney Black

Project Officer: Taylor Chesser

Procedural Officer: Adriana Marquez-Olivera

Faculty Advisor: Ms. Anita Settles-Seymour

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jami Brown 

The College of Nursing Honor Council is charged with the task of of upholding the UTHSC Honor Code. The Honor Code promotes academic honesty and integrity in the classroom, laboratory, clinics and other academic endeavors. The Honor Code requires students to uphold its principles of fairness, professionalism, and ethical behavior; and it also provides procedures to adjudicate alleged violations.

The Honor Council of the College of Nursing consists of a chairperson and representatives from the BSN and DNP programs. The Honor Council chairperson presides over all regular meetings and over Honor Council hearings. Program representatives will serve as members of the hearing panel.


Jillian Reese Smith, President (DNP)

Robert Kirby (BSN)

Kathleen Reed (BSN)

Grace Wegener (BSN)

Andrew Monasterio (DNP)

Chandler Williams (DNP)

Dr. Shelley Hawkins, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Jamie Overton, Director of Student Affairs

Last Published: Sep 26, 2017