During an emergency situation, every second counts and communication is critical. That's why Campus Police has taken steps to ensure that you receive emergency notifications at your UTHSC email address. It's also easier than ever for you to register additional emails, cell phone numbers, and pager numbers so that you receive alerts regardless of where you are or what device you use.

Formerly referred to as e2Campus, UTHSC Alert is the notification service that university administrators and Campus Police use to communicate by email and text message with UTHSC members and others in the case of an emergency.

In addition to a new name, UTHSC Alert has simplified the process by which you register to receive emergency notifications. Key changes include the following:

  • Automatic account creation and registration of your UTHSC email address: If you are a faculty member, staff member, retiree, student, postdoc, or resident with an active NetID, a UTHSC Alert account already has been created for you and your UTHSC email address has been registered to receive notifications.
  • Easy login with your NetID and password to register additional email addresses and phone/pager numbers: No more having to remember a separate username and password! You now can log in to your UTHSC Alert account with your NetID and password and add up to two cell phone or pager numbers and five additional email addresses. This will increase your odds of receiving a text or email notification regardless of your location or device on hand.

    IMPORTANT: Because of this change, any non-UTHSC email addresses and all cell phone numbers and pager numbers that you registered in the e2Campus/UTHSC Alert system prior to February 4, 2014, will need to be re-registered.
  • Simplified registration process for non-UTHSC members: Parents of UTHSC students, vendors working on campus, and other members of the community who want to receive emergency notifications no longer have to create an account to register. All they have to do is text the word UTHSC to 79516 on their cell phone or pager.

Sending notifications via UTHSC Alert is just one step the university takes to secure our campus during emergencies. For more information about emergency planning at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, visit http://www.uthsc.edu/campuspolice/emergency_actions.php.

If you need help logging in to the UTHSC Alert system or managing your account, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or contact the HelpDesk at helpdesk@uthsc.edu or 448-2222.


All non-UTHSC email addresses, cell phone numbers and pager numbers registered in the UTHSC Alert/e2Campus system prior to February 4, 2014 must be re-registered on or after that date.

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