Military Credit Frequently Asked Questions

Do you utilize the transcripts listed and ACE guides to award credit?  

Yes. UTHSC also accepts and awards credit where appropriate for educational experiences in the armed services using the guidelines that have been developed by ACE (American Council on Education - see Military Guide). Learning Assessment (PLA) Policy and Practice for Tennessee Public Colleges and Universities UTHSC also evaluates all official postsecondary transcripts and Joint Service Transcripts (JST) to satisfy general education and academic degree requirements.

Do you have a mechanism for students to petition or apply for credit that is not covered in ACE guidelines?

Yes. UTHSC accepts credits for learning gained outside the traditional academic environment in accordance with the guidelines and recommended standards for Tennessee Public Universities[1] pending the review and approval of the request. See the UTHSC Credit for Prior Learning Policy for more information. Any credits awarded for prior learning must be in compliance with the Standards of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACSOC Standard 3.4.4) and policies and guidelines of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission and the University of Tennessee. 

Do you have easily accessed information for veterans and ways to make admitted veterans aware that their military credit may be used as PLA credit?  

Yes. UTHSC has a webpage for veterans and military service personnel with important information. The military credit page encourages veterans to view the link to our PLA, academic, and student affairs policies. Additionally, Admissions Counselors and Veterans Support staffs have been trained and are familiar with PLA credit policies in order to advise veterans. College faculty and staff also are updated on any changes related to PLA credit and work with veterans and students with questions. Additionally, UTHSC has a new policy portal where all academic, general, and student policies are located for easier access for students, faculty, staff, and the public.

Do you have a clear and visible primary contact person for veterans seeking to apply military credit as PLA?

Yes. The primary contact for military credit is our Veteran Specialist, who is located in the Registrar’s Office, and can be reached at 901-448-8015. The Veteran Specialist answers related questions and serves as a liaison between college department chairs/heads with veterans and military students seeking to make application for PLA. The Veteran Specialist also works closely with the college deans/designees and the Registrar in facilitating discussion. Additionally, as part of the transfer credit process, the Director of Admissions Operations and all Admissions Counselors are trained to provide the steps for requesting PLA credit and the policy.

Do you have a mechanism for veterans to decline excess PLA credit that would negatively affect their financial aid or other needs?

Yes. Under the Credit for Prior Learning Policy, prospective and currently enrolled students are given (5) calendar days to decline or appeal the awarded PLA credit. Students are also encouraged to consult with a Financial Aid Counselor or One Stop Shop Counselor to determine financial aid implications related to PLA credit.

Please note that FSA funds may be awarded only for learning that results from instruction provided or overseen by the school. FSA funds cannot be awarded for any portion of the program based on study or life experience prior to enrollment in the program or based on tests of learning that are not associated with educational activities overseen by the school. Veterans, military personnel, and students receiving VA educational benefits should also consult with the VA Certifying Official or Veterans Support Specialist in the Registrar’s Office.

Do you have a written policy or procedure that clearly states the steps above?

Yes. See Credit for Prior Learning Policy.