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Many aspects of obstetrics and gynecology require additional didactic work before they can be integrated into the resident's fund of working knowledge.

Resident Didactic Lecture Series

This weekly didactic conference is coordinated by the Associate Program Director. The curriculum is based on the Educational Objectives published by CREOG (Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology).

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds Lectures are held monthly. The Associate Residency Director coordinates the programs and invites speakers that are known experts in the field of obstetrics and gynecology and in other fields of medicine, local speakers as well as our own knowledgeable faculty.

Clinical Case Conference and Mortality and Morbidity Conference

This weekly conference is held on Thursday afternoons, the chief residents on service discuss selected cases from weekly statistics. Members of other departments including Pathology and Neonatology, participate as well. Patient care issues, legal and malpractice trends, psychosexual counseling, evidence-based medicine and departmental quality assurance issues are discussed at this conference. Faculty and residents are required to attend.

Journal Club

This monthly conference is held each month at the home of a faculty member or an off-campus location. The residents and faculty gather for a discussion of recent literature and learn to critically evaluate scientific papers.

Monthly Simulation workshops

Provide experiential learning opportunities and reinforcement of clinical skills.

Last Published: Oct 16, 2018