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New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation [NSO] week begins Monday, August 12 ending Friday, August 16. You will begin receiving numerous e-mails from the College of Medicine Admissions Office early May to mid-August to assist you in your transition. To view the names of your classmates, [after June 15] you will need your UT NetiD and password. Your NSO packet will be waiting for you when you arrive at 7:45 a.m., Monday, August 12 in the Lobby of the General Education Building, at the corner of Madison and Dunlap. Wear comfortable walking shoes and casual clothing as the Memphis weather is hot this time of the year.

NOTE: Students should not make travel arrangements or other appointments that may conflict with NSO week.

Things to confirm

  • You will have two weeks from the date of your offer to respond via fax, e-mail or postal mail [the form included in your acceptance packet] to acknowledge that you have officially received your acceptance packet. Once this form is received, you will be e-mailed a confirmation from the College of Medicine Admissions office with 24-48 hours to acknowledge receipt.
  • Confirm scholarship(s) and make sure financial aid is in place.
  • The deadline to confirm that final transcripts have been received is July 18.
  • Read the AAMC Traffic rules. The deadline to confirm your acceptance is April 30.
  • The final deadline to defer/delay your matriculation or accept our offer is July 1.

Things to do online before NSO week

  • Complete FAFSA.
  • In order to finalize your acceptance, the institution requires that ALL students be fully admitted to the University. The UT Health Science Center Office of Admissions [Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services] will contact you regarding your NetiD and default password which may take 2-3 weeks from the time you have received your acceptance packet. Once you receive your NetiD and default password you can log-in to Banner Self-Service to begin the acceptance process. By completing the acceptance process, this will enable you to be awarded financial aid and register for classes prior to matriculation, i.e., batch registration. The College of Medicine Admissions office will e-mail you with this information after June 15. [Netid and password will be required] You will be asked to authorize a $75.00 charge to your credit card. The $75.00 processing fee is non-refundable.
  • View the Bursar's/Cashier's link to include: [1] Student Loans; [2] Payment of Fees and First Year Expenses.
  • Read about and then complete the required Information Security Training.
  • Complete Student Parking Permit.
  • Read about and then complete a Criminal Background Check.
    You will be asked to authorize a $50.00 charge to your credit card. Once completed, you will receive a full copy of the CBC report, via e-mail from Verified Credentials within a few days. If you have already completed a CBC for other medical schools, through AMCAS, the report has not been released to this medical school, as we are not a participant in the AAMC facilitated background check service. The College of Medicine's deadline to submit your CBC is July 30.
  • Read about and then complete the required Student Authorization.
  • Complete the on-line AAMC Matriculating Student Questionnaire. The deadline to complete the questionnaire is July 30.
  • Register your Response Device ID in CORE after July 28: After purchasing a Clicker, your next step is to complete the device registration process in CORE. Please download a PDF copy of the step-by-step instructions.

Things to read before NSO week

Things to mail in or FAX before NSO week

Things to bring with you to NSO week

  • Bring your checkbook to pay for student parking, unless you included this fee on your fee sheet.
  • Bring copies of your immunization records just in case your copy is not on file.

Things to do during the summer

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Last Published: Jul 26, 2019