Retirement Plan Election

Exempt employees should make an election of one of the two plans within 60 days of their hire date or they will be enrolled in the default plan, TCRS.

Non-exempt employees are automatically enrolled in the TCRS and the enrollment form should be included in your new hire paperwork.

Step 1 - Choose a Plan

Select the program that best fits your individual needs. (TCRS or ORP)

Step 2 - Fill-Out a Required Form for Exempt or Monthly Paid Employees

Every exempt or monthly paid employee must complete the following form:

Step 3 - Fill-Out Plan-Specific Forms

Depending on the plan you select you will also need to complete the following forms

If you select the TCRS:

  • TCRS Membership FormAdobe PDF(Our office can notarize this form if you sign it in front of an HR staff member.)

If you select the ORP:

Step 4 - Return Completed Forms to HR

Please return completed forms to:

Human Resources Benefits
910 Madison Avenue, Suite 727
Memphis, TN 38163