Cisco VPN Clients for Mac OS X

The Cisco VPN can be added to any Mac OS running 10.6.8 or later.

The screen shots below will show you how to install the VPN client:

1.) Open System Preferences and select Network (3rd row)


2.) Click the '+' in the bottom left corner of the window, enter the information as you see it below, and click Create.


3.) Enter the server information and your NetID in the two boxes below. Do not enter your password (you will be prompted for it later).


4.) Click Authentication Settings... for the Shared Secret enter [90cl1]. For the Group Name enter [UTHSC] in all caps. Click OK.


5.) As an option you can click to place a check mark in the box to Show VPN status in menu bar. Click Apply to save all changes.

6.) If you click the VPN icon from the menu bar, you will see a drop down. Click Connect to UT VPN. Enter your NetID and password to connect.


Note: Be sure to disconnect from the VPN when not in use.